Reviews For Sunset Magazine

Look forward to seeing the "Sunset" every month!

One of the things I love about this magazine is that it is specific for what area of our wonderful country you live in! I don't know of any other magazine that does this. It's a beautiful magazine to look at and I'm always inspired by it. I look forward to it every month!

A lovely magazine

This magazine is lovely.

It has beautiful pictures and great recipes. There is not one recipe that I have tried from this magazine that has not turned out great. The best part about the recipes is that it is usually fresh foods that are in season and are not difficult to find.

It touches on home decorating and despite the name and despite being directed towards southwest living it is not the type of home deco you might expect. It is classic, stylish and modern decorating.

There are travel ideas and it is usually something the whole family can afford. They are usually a little bit off the beaten path and feature something quirky, fun or plain interesting.

Well worth the money. Enjoy.

An awesome magazine in every respect

This magazine has it all! Excellent travel information, great decorating and gardening ideas, and wonderful recipes. It is extremely well organized, and the advertisement layout keeps the articles in the forefront.

Out of my 16 Subscriptions this is 1 of my FAVORITES!!!!!!

Okay so I'm a little excited about this one. ((smile)) I recently had to go through all of my magazine subscriptions and only keep what I truly wanted. The amount of magazines I was getting every month was becoming a fire hazard, but Hey, I'm a Director of Catering and Sales for a Convention Center and I always need new ideas for menus.

This Magazine has EVERYTHING... Places to go, Interesting Articles, Seasonal Gardening Information, How-to for Home repairs/renovations, Mouth watering Recipes.... I mean I could go on for days this Magazine has it ALL!!...

Happy Reading

One of my Favorite Magazines

I began subscribing to Sunset magazine about three years ago, even though at the time I lived in Florida, not in Colorado, as I do now. What keeps me subscribing to Sunset, when I usually let magazine subscriptions lapse after one year, is the beautiful photos, the insights into places I'd like to visit, and the really usable recipes. Every month I look forward to reading through the recipes and picking a few to try. They invariably emphasize healthy ingredients, ease of preparation, and great taste....without a lot of fancy ingredients that would price the recipe out of a normal household grocery budget. I'm going to be lifetime subscriber to this magazine, it's a keeper!

Suzanne Anderson
Author of Mrs. Tuesday's Departure


If you live in the Pacific Northwest you should invest in this magazine. They have great ideas for neat things to do, awesome pictures, delicious recipes... you won't be disappointed!

Renewal of Sunset Magazine

Sunset is our longest running subscription. We always look for a good renewal rate and this one was terrific.


Every month Sunset gives the reader gardening tips for that month, scenic places in the West, food specialities & recipes plus remodeling. Colorful pictures and intriguing descriptions.

I enjoy this

I enjoy the beautiful places they talk about . The photos are well done. It makes me want to go visit

Great Magazine

I've been a subscriber for 20 years and Sunset has gotten better and better over the years.