Reviews For Shape Magazine

Good Fitness Motivation

Shape features safe, interesting exercise rotuines to meet just about any fitness goal. Their editorial content focuses on the health benefits of weight loss and encourages a moderate and balanced approach to eating and exercise. My only concern is that while they talk about the importance of being healthy v. being super-skinny, their cover models are often ridiculously thin, beyond the point of looking healthy.However, if you overlook that inconsistency, there's plenty of great motivation in Shape.


I like Shape because it has great tips to help spice up a workout so you never get bored. There are great articles on places to stay, hike, relax, etc. As well, there are great inspirational stories.

Not bad but leaves me wanting more variety

I've been a subscriber for two years, but I'm not going to renew this time. There are some great things about this magazine. There's always information about eating healthy, and many of the recipes are wonderful. Another feature is the Diary portion, where the magazine profiles individuals who have turned to fitness and healthy eating in order to lose weight. It's the most inspiring part of the magazine, and it's great that the magazine focuses on real women, not just how to tell those in perfect shape to stay in shape.

I do wish that the magazine would have a bit more variety. I feel like I keep seeing many of the same exercises repeated over and over. I also wish the magazine would realize that not all of us are in to New Age spirituality. If you do choose to subscribe, don't be surprised to see the latest issue at the newsstand before it arrives in your mailbox.

do it for a year

I'm a past subscriber of Shape magazine. I enjoyed the Success Stories the most - I'd like to see one of these as a main feature, with more exercise/diet details.
I did enjoy it for a couple of years, then I got a feeling of deja vu - the articles started getting a bit samey, like they're running out of ideas and recycling the same old stuff. I might buy the odd Shape issue on the newstand if a cover feature catches my eye, but now I'm trying out some other fitness magazines for variety.
I agree with another reviewer that too many of the exercises use machines - I'd much rather see handweights. Maybe when they recycle the same ol 'moves again, they could use free weights.

And the clothes profiled are too expensive, not to the mention the emphasis on vacationing at health spas (why do these always smell of staff junkets...)

My advice is to subscribe for a year or two, then reread the same issues again...


Years ago Shape was my favorite magazine. I still enjoy the articles on lifting and success stories. However, I ordered the magazine to support my son's school. After getting it for 6 months I was very disappointed in the change of your cover. Being a mother of four boys 11-18 years of age. I felt like I had to hide them. Are these girls on the cover trying out for Playboy or what. Need to go back to your old covers with healthy, covered woman on the front. Needless to say I did not renew.

Reinventing the wheel...

Shape is a good magazine for new fitness enthusiasts; however, for seasoned exercisers it can get old quick.

Their workouts tend to be trendy, and overly repetitive. If you monitor the exercises over the course of several months, they recycle the same information and exercises over and over. In strength training the reality is that you can only 'hit' a muscle so many ways. To truly maximize results, you must vary the frequency, weight, and combination of exercise to get results and push past a plateau. Shape offers different routines, but they often center on 3 set 10 rep routines that hit each body part once. This is only one of many ways to approach strength training. As for cardio, what they often fail to mention is that any activity that raises your heart rate is good for you, no matter what it is. Intense yard activity for an afternoon can burn as many calories as using the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. They tend to overemphasize trendy aerobic classes, and concentrate on a sprint-based plan for treadmills and elliptical equipment.

I always enjoy reading the articles about people who have reached their fitness goals, as well as trying the recipes in the food section. There are lots of beauty ads and beauty information for a fitness magazine, and not all of it is geared toward fitness. They do usually include an article about fitness equipment, which I find informative.

Overall, the magazine is interesting for awhile, but gets redundant by the end of your year-long subscription. If you want hardcore fitness information, or an overall health magazine, i would recommend Oxygen or Health. There are a few others too if you care to look.

Shape magazine...

I was subscribed to Shape magazine for about 4 years and recently stopped because it is not for your average person who works out at home. It is more for a person who bases all workouts around a gym. I personally used to love this magazine because it was made for a person who wanted variety in their everyday workouts. The magazine is just a hollow whole for many of us now. I saw that other felt empty after reading it also and I don't blame them. A lot of the workouts are not for people who don't live in a city or live in a gym. And I do not live in either. This magazine isn't for me but may be perfect for someone who love to work out in a gym and likes that structured workout. I also found the articles to be a repeat of my other magazines and also a little more dry and hollow!

Love the magazine, Hate the ads

This magazine has as many ads in it as that thick/heavy fashion magazine I read once. Literally every other page is an ad, when is too much too much. Love the magazine though, repetively inspires me to be healthy and keeps me up to date with new workouts.... I might try her sport though or health when renewing comes around again.


This magazine is only average. It have a few good exercises, but just cycle the same routines over and over. It is worth getting a Dec or Jan issue where they give you a bit more meat as far as fitness.

Filled with more clothing and makeup tips than fitness. It is okay and a quick read. I don't find myself saying "wow I need to keep this as a reference."


This is an average magazine. It has the miracle weight loss stories and the celebrity how-tos. There are actually some really good tips for weight loss and keeping it off with exercise. Some of the exercise examples are easy but most need to done at a gym.