Reviews For Shape Magazine

Shape is for over 55!!!

I have read shape for years - Last year I walked/ran a full 26.2 marathon for Leukemia...not because of Shape magaazine - because the testimonials and info in this wonderful magazine told me 'I can do whatever I choose, if I have goals." Thanks.
Mary Jane Lightbody
Walpole, Ma. 02081
I have 7 grandchildren, a wonderful husband, great job and great faith.
Do not ask for pix and all of that but it was one of the greatest feats of my life.

For Youth and Fitness

Lots of workouts (better than Self Mag) and the fashion suggestions are pretty good too.

Best exercise magazine

Their work out are very effective if you comply with the guideliness for each move and routine. I love it!!!

Been a member for 2 years already.

The Best Magazine Ever!

Lots of information and techniques. One of the best magazines I've read in a long time.


I love this magazine!They always have great tips and information!I just signed up to get the magazine through the company and I
can't wait to get the first issue!!!

Not the best I've read

This magazine had some good points, such as the inspiring stories of people who had met their fitness and weight goals, and they had some useful exercises in there, but I had two main problems with this magazine: One, concerning weight training, it focused too much on weight-machines, overlooking free weights, which actually are better for you, working your stabilizing muscles! and Two : the clothes modelled in there were extremely unrealisticly priced.... I don't know anyone that would pay that!

For someone looking for something entertaining, this is the magazine for you. If you are serious about fitness, diet, and training, I would recommend something else.

A great motivator

I read the other reviews, and I have to agree that this magazine isn't entirely fitness, but that's what I like about it. I'm just starting to adopt a healthier lifestyle and this magazine has great articles on new exercises, interesting recipes, and cool beauty tips that are geared more towards natural remedies. Anyone who is working out regularly has the habit of feeling bored after awhile. Getting this magazine once a month boosts my excitment about making myself healthier and gets my butt back in the gym.

My favorite feature of this month was a new stationary bike routine, complete with interval times, resistance levels, and an MP3 playlist to correspond with the tempo of the workout!! Great idea.

It's the best fitness mag out there, but can be improved

Most reviewers I feel were really hard on this magazine. If you are trying to get into shape, this is a monthly boost to your efforts. The nutrition info is accurate and realistic, and the recipes are usually yummy, and provide all the nitpicky nutrition facts I want. The workouts are VARIED: some are things you can do at home, others require a good gym in order to do... but there is something for EVERY level. I like the motivational stories, and the non-fitness bits are interesting and relevant. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is for the models they use: The "reader models" are realistic, but the cover models make me want to puke. How about a Jennifer Garner type (strong, muscular), not a heroin-chic model?

Good Sports & Good Fashion

I'm a reader of fashion and sports magazines and I find shape one of the best buys on the market for women who love sports in style.
Shape gives you easy to follow tips on your workout routines, plus the general advices on fashion and beauty produts you can find on most women's magazines.
On the negative side, I think it could have more contents, more pages, less ads and easier recipes, but it's still a very good buy.

best fitness magazine I've ever read

I've been buying Shape now for five years. Sure, some things are a little repetitive, but there's still enough there to keep me interested. I particularly enjoy the work-outs - both those for at home and the gym. I've certainly learned far more about fitness and health than I have from any other magazine.