Reviews For Shape Magazine

Good if you like to Pretend your athletic

Shape Magazine is a joke. This magazine has more make-up tips, clothing and weight watcher success stories than anything about atheletes. I found this magazine dissapointing- not only do most of the models look like they couldn't run a mile without dropping from anoreixa but the stories are hipocritical (accept yourself and love your body; while the follow article is how to lose weight for thanksgiving and impress your x)

It's OK.,

This magazine is all right, but I have a few problems with it. The good thing about this magazine is that it's focused on fitness and health, which makes it my kind of magazine. It's got great success stories, good food to cook, and good rules for nutrition and your health. My biggest problem is that since I don't have a gym membership, I can't do most (if not any) of the moves in Shape Magazine. I'm tired of moves that you have to do at the gym, or equipment that costs over a thousand dollars just to do a little toning. They should at least give 5 moves that I can do without setting a foot inside a gym.

Another problem is that I don't like that they show 5-foot-11 models, that are perfectly skinny, and with perfect flat abs, when they could show more *average* women, or possibly a little bit curvier. I don't know about you, but I think that you don't have to be skinny to be beautiful. I just wish that they could see that everyone comes in their different packages. I agree with A.T. also-they also need to be more diverse with their women-black people need to be shown a little more as I rarely ever see black women in this magazine. I suggest that if you have a gym membership, then you should buy SHAPE off the magazine stand every blue moon or so when you see a good issue. If you don't have a gym membership, like most of us, then get SELF instead; it also offers great motivation.

Good for a free magazine

I recently starting getting this magazine since I joined a Boston gym, it is apparently part of the membership. It is good magazine, but I wouldn't rate it as "great" When my free subscription runs out, I will not renew and purchase it myself. For anyone looking for a very helpful women's magazine, for whatever stages you are in...I recommend OXYGEN. Many helpful articals for EVERYONE!!!

Myths, half-truths and advertisements

Hardly an issue of "SHAPE" hits the newstands that does not prominently feature some article that sells some myth of fitness. There is almost always some article on "sculpting" followed by another implying there are some magic "spot reducing" exercise contained the pages. These two myths of fitness seem to be part of the magazine's core editorial policy. "Sculpting" is something done to clay, not muscles and fat, and "spot reducing" is a myth that ranks up there with the Flat Earth Society. I suspect the editorial staff of "SHAPE" promotes the kind of articles that espouse what people want to hear, not what is true about working out. Furthermore, nearly every photo of a strength training exercise features some hot-looking 20-something model using weights so light they wouldn't challenge a grandmother. Never will you see a picture of a model holding a weight that would be even slightly heavy for a healthy, fit woman of that age.

Mostly this magazine seems to be an excuse to sell ad space. Save your money and look elsewhere.


I have been buying shape magazine for my wife and some of the members in my gym, but within recent months i have stopped as my wife, myself and others have been totally dissatisfied as month after month anorexic looking models grace your magazine from cover to cover, some look so painfully thin it is clear that they only worked out for the magazine shoot. Please use some real women in their various shapes and levels of conditioning for your articles you may be excused in using the anorexic looking cover girl to sell more magazines, however when it comes to keeping it real, believable and inspiring go around to various gyms and use the regular full figured(here i don't mean overweight) women who work out regularly. If each month you feature one of these women i would renew my subcription.

Alvin Brazer

Not worth it

This is a "fluffy" women's fitness magazine. It regurgitates the same information over and over, just repackages it a little differently each time. "Let's give readers the same workout with a red bikini this time..." They use models that are far too thin and not even muscular looking for most of the fashion spreads, which seems to encourage an unhealthy body type. I also found the magazine to underassume the intelligence of the readers. Muscle & Fitness Hers, Oxygen and Fitness Rx are much better choices if you are serious about fitness.

Not worth it

If you want to do the same exercise over and over.. but with better make up and cuter outfit go ahead.

If you want better exercises and articles look to Oxygen or Women's M&F

Don't waste the money

Mostly ads and product pimping. Takes me about 20 minutes to flip through it and rarely do I find anything that makes me actually stop flipping the pages and actually catch my interest. For what one would think, by the title, would be a somewhat fitness oriented magazine, any fitness related elements are sub par and often the photos or drawings aren't even proper form.

don't bother

If your dumbells are silver, not pink, if you know what a hack squat,deadlift nose breaker, etc. is, you're wasting your time with this magazine. NEWSFLASH! you can be feminine and have muscles! I personally don't want to see a 100 lb. "fitness" model showing me exercises with plastic dumbells.