Reviews For Shape Magazine

I really like Shape

I read some of the previous reviews and honestly I don't fully see where they are coming from. I've subscribed for about a year and a half and while I see some recaps on some similar exercises, they throw in new things a lot. There are a lot of recipes and notes on diets and such that I love, and they only talk about how bad fad diets are and don't advertise for them! The workouts do mostly require membership at gyms, but that's why there are magazines out there like Self...I kind of consider Shape for not so amateur exercises and Self for the new and not really wanting to spend a lot of time at it person, or who wants to workout only at home. It's great they show you the equipment and how to use it...and all kinds of great little tips that are helpful. I also do like a little of the beauty stuff, yet it's not overwhelming it. yes the clothes are spendy, but who says you have to buy them? I think they are in all magazines!

Teaches Enlightenment In Your Own Beauty

I've always been a very physically active person.. I like to run and I like to work out.. but fitness magazines for women tend to be one way or the other: "Don't bother with weight loss, find inner peace with Yoga!" or "How Many Pieces of Lettuce You Can Eat A Day To Look Like Janet Jackson." Sure, it's mildly entertaining to look into varieties on either side now and then, but what about those of us who want some recipes, PRACTICAL training tips and quick workout guides?

Shape magazine stresses the points that I think are most important in a women's fitness magazine. It offers inspiring weightloss stories, quick (and edible) meals, and fun workouts to boost your regular ones along. And while some of the workout tips CAN get repetitive, just remember.. there are only so many different ways to do a sit-up. Readers of any and ALL fitness magazines know that they usually have the same exercise tips to offer over and over.

Shape encourages and enlightens. It shows a way to incorporate exercise into any lifestyle and gives you the encouragement to continue an exercise regimen-- no matter how sedentary you are.

Shape and Self are Great

I have been reading Shape and Self for a long time and have always been impressed with the number and variety of articles each has in it. Shape focuses more on workouts that Self does, and self focuses more on general well-being but both encourage diet and exercise. I would recommend them to anyone!

Great Fitness Motivator

Shape focuses on all levels of fitness for women. The success stories are motivating, detailing statistic on people who have lost inches, pounds and who have transformed their lives. The most important part of exercise is doing the moves right to avoid injury. Shape features "reader models" who are everyday women to educate on do's and don'ts focusing on specific parts of the body. Over a period of time, I learned new exercises for my entire body which kept the workout new and interesting. I have been a fan of Weider magazines but found myself identifying with Shape because the focus is not on bench pressing 200 lb's but on overall health!

wonderful magazine

This is a great fitness magazine with tips for everyone - a newbie in your fitness goals or already spend four days a week at the gym. Articles are easy to read, loaded with info, yet not in the least bit boring.

Great motivation to work out!

This magazine is informative and entertaining! They don't advertise the token "Kate Moss" girl; instead they promote good health and fitness. It's nice to get a little motivation to work out too!

Great exercises, good for motivation

I love Shape, because every month it motivates me. I have had a subscription for years and I keep every one of my magazines. Each issue has some new exercises or workouts and some great, healthy recipes. What I love about shape is they promote fitness as a way to stay healthy, not lose weight. They give helpful tips all the time about ways to find motivation and hints to eat healthy. If you would like monthly motivation from a magazine, pick Shape!


I've read Shape magazine for 10 years and still can't get enough of it.
How can anybody think this magazine is more shallow than Cosmo! Shape is about Fitness and Health, Cosmo is more into fashion. They don't even compare. I read them both, depending on my mood. To help motivation when I'm in a fitness slump.... SHAPE! It's worth it!

Shape reader for three years

I have been subscribing to Shape for the past three years and thoroughly enjoy the magazine. I have sampled other fitness magazines but none of them have bee nearly as good as Shape. The articles in Shape are always interesting and span a wide variety of topics important to overall health. I highly reccommend this magazine.

Excellent Subscription!!!!!!!!!

Well worth the money. I have over 16 Magazine Subscriptions and had to look at the ones I wanted to keep and toss the ones I could shed. "Shape" was a MUST have for me. The articles were inspiring, provided alternative work-outs, up to date Work-out fashions, reviewed recreational outlets for fitness.

Definately worth every penny. Do yourself a favor if you are planning on getting on some kind of work out kick or just looking for inspiration "TO" start on one. Subscribe to this magazine, you will not be sorry.

Happy Reading