Reviews For Self Magazine


I have been looking and looking for a magazine like this for years! And it NEVER REPEATS ITSSELF!!! Its the perfect combination of everything! Unlike some magazines such as;
Cosmo-i feel is waaay to focused on sex.
Glamour- i always feel ugly (very superficial magazine)
Shape- I swear a Drill Srgt wrote it!

This magazine offers you a little beauty,fashion,sex,your well being!(body mind and soul!!!)fitness, and even recepies~!

I promise you, you will not be dissapointed!


i love this magazine

I look forward to seeing the next issue for this magazine every month. I've been buying this magazine since 2001 and it's really inspirational. Unlike some of the other magazines, the women don't look muscular, look very toned and healthy. I especially love the monthly cut-out section near the end of the magazine. I've collected these over the years, and having a full exercise session saves a lot of time. If I want to look great in jeans, I'll just flip to the section called "look great in jeans" and follow all the exercises. I love that almost all the exercises can be done right in your own home without going to a gym! Amazing. It has such a pleasant design too... I highly recommend.


I love this magazine. It is great for women's health and self esteem. It has information about health, beauty, and fashion. And it does it without making you feel like you are fat if you are not tall and emaciated!

love it! :)

I love this magazine because they have so much information and tips and the articles are excellent! I have started a subscription to this magazine from the website! I can't wait to get it in the mail!

Handy , Light and good picker-upper

I have pergo floors that are beautiful but show all the lint, etc. Got tired of bending with my dustbuster and tired of lugging out regular vacuum cleaner. This stick model is easy and I don't have to think twice about using it..and it's cordless. What more can one ask for.


I tend to favor Self magazine over the rest of the fitness magazines out right now. One reason is the variety. I love that Self doesn't just focus on physical fitness but also on your mental, emotional and inner fitness. I have had a self subscription for a little over 5 years and still am happy with the quality.

I will say though if they keep turning it into a magazine about actresses (which my last 4 issues have been) then I will discontinue my subscription. As I already subscribe to those magazines already and I want my fitness magazines to be about fitness.

**Also a warning I get almost all my issues the month after they have came out! This is new as they used to be one to two months early!**

Self - A Fabulous Beginner's Guide to Shaping Up

As a college student, finding time apart from "dates" with my Chemistry and Physics books and my 16 hours of coursework to get in-shape is practically impossible. Self magazine offers basic health tips and unique workouts that help me maintain good health habits while away from home. Monthly fixtures of the magazine include beauty and fashion tips, nutritional information (including recipes), sample workouts for getting fit, and health articles. Considering my beginner status on the fitness-frenzy totem pole, I'd recommend Self to anyone who has never truly cared about fitness (until they made their latest New Year's resolutions ;D), college kids with little time and means looking to formulate a fitness plan, or anyone curious for new workouts.

A women's magazine for women who don't like women's magazines

I subscribe to what could be considered an excessive amount of magazines ( I won't confess the actual number here) but I really dislike womens magazines, and Self is the only one I subscribe to. It is more of fitness magazine than anything else, but also has just enough coverage of beauty, fashion, sex, pop culture and other " girly" topics to please this woman. It is not shallow ( like Allure) or embarrassing ( like Cosmo) or focussed just on being a consumer ( like Lucky). This magazine really does cover a lot of topics, has a nice mix of substance and fun, and though it is not aimed at my age group, it is still relevant to this no-longer 20-something.

My thoughts on SELF

I have subscribed to Self before, and it is a great magazine. The subscriptions are pretty cheap, so it's worth it. Some of the articles tend to be about the same things: losing weight, new beauty tips. they repeat over and over. if you are to buy ONE issue of self, get the October issue because the articles that they have on breast cancer awareness are always really touching.

It's an okay magazine

It's like Glamour only with a little bit more health relevant issues but not too much more. I subscribed to them for a few years, because I like that it's more than just a fitness magazine and it's more than just a fashion magazine but after awhile all the advice and all the articles tend to repeat themselves. If you're looking for something a little bit more than Glamour this is good.