Reviews For Self Magazine

Self Magazine

I absolutely LOVE this magazine. It not only has tons of helfpul fitness tips, but it does not require you be a size 2. The Self Fitness Challenge is my favorite part of the year.

Only The Best

One day at work I was feeling really lousy about myself. A customer had just called me fat and I was tired of being 'fat'. I found this magazine and I have to tell you that it gave me such inspiration, great tips, and it taught me a little bit on how to feel better about myself. Unlike the other fitness magazines that show you nothing but rail thin models, Self shows you people like you who for reasons need to lose a few pounds or have low self-esteem. It has nothing but upbeat "you can do it!" all throughout the magazine. I recommend Self to anyone who wants to know that they matter and that they can do it!

keeps me on track

I love Self! It's a combination of Cosmo and Women's Health, which I think is a good mix. Nice tips on career, time management, stress reduction, and health, which I feel are more related to each other than many people realize.

Yes, it's a "light" read and nothing you get here will be too intellectual, but this magazine really keeps me on track and on the path to get to what I want in my life, so I'm glad to see it in my mailbox every month.

Favorite Health Magazine!

I've been reading SELF for years, and it has helped me in so many ways. Unlike other fitness magazines, it encourages you to be proud of your size and work on getting healthy for YOU, not for the standards of models and actresses. The workouts are fun, and the tear-out cards are perfect to take the gym! This magazine is highly optimistic, and their little "Health Flash" and "Happiness Flash" articles every month are perfect to keep by your bedside or at your desk.

I've read both Shape and SELF, and SELF is by far the better one. Shape is more interested in looking like a glamorous celebrity -- SELF is more interested in looking your personal best and feeling your personal best.

I enjoy this magazine every month

This magazine is very real and down-to-earth. I enjoy it and look forward to a new issue every month!

Experience the Power of SELF

I first became a SELF reader after its sister magazine, WOMEN'S SPORT AND FITNESS, went out of print. Initially, I was a little uneasy with the switch, but I have come to love this publication.

I have read many fitness and health magazines, yet this is the one I look forward to every month. There are many different sections, and they are all inspirational yet practical. The beauty handbook offers tips such as how to get a certain look for less money. The health section explains, in plain English, various studies, health information, and recent developments. The fitness section offers easy-to-do, relatively short and simple workouts that are effective. The nutrition part gives readers easy, tasty, and healthy recipes to follow.

Unlike many magazines, SELF is not depressing to read. I have never felt negatively about my body or image after reading it. I feel energized, motivated, and inspired. Try it -- and experience the power of yourself.

LUUUV this Magazine

This magazine is great. It covers physical, mental and emotional well-being.
Always fun to read; Gave my friend a 1-year subscription.

The best magazine ever.,

This is the greatest magazine ever. It's all about fitness, beauty, health, self-confidence (as said before, most fitness magazines don't include this), and your mind + body. It's great for teenage girls and women who want to be healthier and achieve a better body. It's great for women who need motivation; it gives you tips on how to lose weight, how to eat right for life. In my opinion, the best part is the SELF challenge, when you have 3 months and a good planner to help you get ultimately stronger, leaner, and healthier. It's got great articles too and a little fashion and make-up-not so much that's like a teen magazine. In all respect, SELF changed my life.

Hello SELF confidence!

I find that Self magazine is the all woman mag. It focuses on health, beauty, fitness and all the things that women and teens focus on. It gave me focus and interest on important and insightful things. Self also made me aware of a lot of topics that I had never been introduced to before. It motivated me to improve me to give me more confidence. Every woman needs SELF awareness and confidence.

Great and inspirational magazine!

I enjoy this magazine and look forward to it each month. It has really good suggestions on keeping fit.