Reviews For Self Magazine

If you're really bored....

This magazine is okay, but not my favorite. Good if you have nothing else to read.


The real life story it has is a little gruesome, (with pics of woman who lost her breast to dieting, bloody and sewed up nipples.... eek!)

I like something more inspiring. There's a few, (very few) fitness stuff and the fashion pics--can't really wear that in public, looks better on the runway.

one big advertisement and full of nothing

Self what? The entire magazine now pushes product on every inch of every page. Their product placements went from "convenient and subtle" to obviously pandering to their revenue sources. Plus the stories and tips are so far out of reality that anyone over 25 with half of a brain couldn't relate. I once enjoyed Self and their monthly self-help plans. Their core message has gotten lost in the sea of product pushing.

reasonably attractive, but content-starved

As another reviewer stated, the content repeats over and over again, making a renewal a waste of money. Yes, Self has nice photography and a pretty layout, but that doesn't make it worth five stars. If you are even remotely into fitness, then Self will merely bore you - it contains such obvious information that it's almost laughable. Still, you might want to try it once, since it's cheap as magazines go, but reading it for true inspiration (other than all the beautiful models in tiny shorts that make you feel guilty) is a waste of your time and money. Reading it for fitness information would be like reading People magazine for political issues. There are better magazines out there, but this'll do if you just want something to leave lying around your house to make a good impression.

Discouraging and Sinful with a few good recipes

I subscribed to Self because I wanted encouraging tips on health and fitness. Over two years of subscribing, I'm convinced that this magazine is encouraging... just not in a healthy way. This magazine promotes having internet flings, three-way sexual relations, and (this is the one article that really irritated me) how one woman discovered her happiness by having an affair. Now, I'm not saying this sort of thing doesn't happen in the world, but I sure do not support it and do not want to spend my hard earned money to read about women who need psychological help or a better moral compass. Does media follow society or does society fuel the media? I think it's definitely both... but I know a good way to rectify it. Stop producing garbage articles and telling youth and women in their 20s-30s that they can discover their sexual "health" by having multiple partners, affairs, and internet sex. I'm incredibly disappointed with this magazine.

Ths magazine didn't live up to my expectations.

I expected a magazine with insightful articles about health and fitness with maybe some recipes thrown in to help me out. I flipped through the magazine and got mostly advertising not many articles or any useful information. I think this would ptobably be a good magazine for someone in the late teens to middle twenties but if you are older then that you should buy Health Magazine or First for Women which is packed with information on everything that is important to women from house hold tips to health news to recipes and advvice forom readers. I would also recomend All You Magazine which includes the same type of information as First for Women and they give you a lot more useful information for your money. I am just going to allow the subscrition to run out and not order self again.

Could use better formatting

After a lifetime of reading Cosmo, Vogue, and other better funded lady mags, I gave Self a try, in the interest of reading something that encouraged me to lose weight, rather than just making me feel bad for not being model sized. Unfortunately, all this magazine did was make me appreciate the pretty formatting and presentation of the more established magazines.

Self was aesthetically unpleasing, too much text, poor color choices, and very repetitive from one issue to the next. Their workout regimens weren't anything groundbreaking, and their recipes ranged from bland to just plain unappetizing (not to mention not filling). Also, it was hard to tell what articles were actually about giving good advice and which ones were advertising some weight-loss product from whichever sponsor had purchased the page space.

Overall, I won't be resubscribing to this magazine, it wasn't entertaining or helpful. For fitness advice, you'd be better off looking for something off of google, or any of the other more fitness focused magazines, and for girly entertainment, the classics would be better.

Did not order this subscription

I did not order this magazine, and am not happy that I was subscribed to it and am trying to get my money refunded. I do not know how this happened exactly, I do not even read this magazine. I am not a very happy customer about this and it seems to be pass the "buck" time trying to get this issue resolved

If you want to learn about cosmetics and make-overs this is for you

If you are looking for actual good workouts look to Oxygen or Womens M&F

Don't Waste Your Money

This magazine seems to spend more time pushing personal politics and little time on any aspect of a woman's health, fitness, or true development of "self". Further, the politiking is poorly done and sensational. Don't waste your money. It is amateur journalism at best.