Reviews For Self Magazine


When i subscribed to this magazine I was not wanting a monthly dose of politics. I already get enough of that. Articles such as "I Gave my Embryos to Science" and "Abortion is Legal" should be saved for a different type of magazine. Instead of renewing my subscription, I am going to opt for a different health and fitness magazine next year.

Encourages bullimia, anorexia and low self-esteem!

Just look at the titles on the magazines from the snapshots -- ALL of them concerned with 'losing weight', 'shedding a size', etc. This is an example of our patriarchal-controlled societies' influence on the control of women. I find it sad, and depressing that women actually buy magazines like this that covertly tell them they are worthless unless they are almost invisibly thin and star-like attractive according to some impossible-to-attain standard. Please, please don't buy this magazine and contribute to the perpetuation of this industry!