Reviews For Rolling Stone Magazine

R S thought

They sent four issues quite quickly after placing my order which was kind of cool. Have not seen the magazine in years, but it definitely has kept up its quality. Now I stay up to date on music and still get the older R&R that I've listen to since the 70's.

Rolling Stone

Fantastic magazine! Has the scoop on a lot of underground topics with interesting words. Thank you!

Too Much Obama in Rolling Stone

Some articles are really good. Others... not so much. The writers were really harsh on the Jackass 3D movie. They are huge supporters of Obama though, which gets a little irritating when 10 pages of every issue are dedicated to politics very few people actually care about. I got the magazine for music news, not Obama news.

Rolling Stone

It is what it is... Rolling Stone Magazine. Legendary, and smaller now. It's still got great articles, great photography, and info on great music.

Rolling Stone

This is a great magazine. rolling stone has alot of stuff 4 u 2 read it will keep u entertained. its a great magazine.

Fast Delivery

I was impressed by how quickly my subscription started. Interesting magazine. New size is a positive feature.

Great Magazine. Needs to move away from the mainstream.

Good quality magazine. Brilliant when it goes outside the mainstream. Generally very accurate with its album reviews. It would probably be better if it was more edgy and less like "People" magazine(I guess you have to sell ad space).

not as good as it used to be, but still pretty good

This magazine is definitely not up to par with that it used to be, but it is still pretty good. Lots of info about new artists and still some great political and social reporting. It's more of a "lifestyle" magazine than it was at one time but is still the best thing we have going.

Rolling Stone decent for the mainstream audience.

Rolling Stone is a magazine that has evolved to integrate more articles about style and celebrities in an attempt to appeal to a younger audience, increase circulation, and become more mainstream.

HOWEVER, this magazine should still be known for its quality writing and journalism. Rolling Stone has won multiple Ellies in recent years, through quality journalism including sending journalists to Iraq, and an in depth nine month investigation covering Scientology.

For those looking for a magazine that focuses less on mainstream entertainment and more on quality look no further than Paste magazine. It is a little quirky but it is an excellent magazine to discover good films, and music. There is a reason why Wall Street Journal called Paste the 'Best American Music Magazine.'


Its a pretty good magazine, it lets me keep up with the current music trends and lets me see whats up with some of my favorite musicians.