Reviews For Rolling Stone Magazine

Collecting no moths and taking names.

Rolling Stone magazine has always been the innovator of fresh and original music and movies and entertainment news, features, reviews, intervies, pictures and articles. Althought there is thight competition with great magazines like Spin and Blender, Rolling Stones still delivers the goods like no other.
I have read many great articles on bands like The Strokes, The White Stripes, Coldplay and many others.
They also still have possibly the best Year in Review issues each year and continue to set the standard in entertainment publications.

Still the Best Music Mag

Rolling Stone is and will always be an American icon. It delivers great music coverage, lots of interesting interviews and original features. I notice that people complain about the popstars on the cover - the bottom line is that RS represents and covers today's music scene. If people don't like Usher or Britney Spears then they should stop buying their albums and then maybe they wouldn't make the cover.

Rolling Stone Magazine

I bought this subscription as a gift for my little brother, who is a prisoner in a Florida State Prison. I haven't seen a Rolling Stone Magazine in, probably, 25 years, but I'm quite sure he'll enjoy it. I'll give it 5 stars for him! One other thing... This is Kevin, Nancy's husband, writing this.

Gotta give them credit...

This mag is easily the best available on the market. The music and movie reviews are fantastic. The political coverage is always fascinating and relevant. The only drawback is they no longer have any writers that are recognizable by name, as in Cameron Crowe or Hunter S. Thompson.



Rolling Stone Magazine is for Real Music Lovers

After reading a few of the reviews of this magazine, I must admit I am shocked! In my opinion, Rolling Stone Magazine is the most informative, well-rounded publication regarding music in the market today. This magazine is for the true, honest to goodness music fans. If you didn't enjoy reading it you may want to take a good look at your personal music taste as well as your educational background; or you may just want to go ahead and buy a publication that writes reviews about what the "musicians" are wearing and the latest gossip. This magazine covers pop, heavy metal, blues, and many, many other genres on music. The recommendation and reviews of new albums have always been right on, and the writing is fabulous. This is the fan's magazine indeed!

The Rolling Stone Issue

I understand that many people think that Rolling Stone has lost it's touch. But with that picture of Britney on the cover, who cares! I could make that issue into a poster!

You gotta read this magazine if you LOVE music

Read this magazine, it totally changed now.. I love this magazine.

Everything changes so why should RS be any different?

Many reviewers slam RS for slipping away from the cutting edge but let's face it, that happened a long, long, long time ago when rock and roll itself stopped being cutting edge. If nothing else, Rolling Stone magazine precisely mirrors rock's co-opting with corporate America. Furthermore, in this day and age there is no shortage of available magazines, blogsites, websites, etc. for one to subscribe if they care to avoid what they perceive as blatant commericialism, so why slag off a magazine that has simply followed the path of the music form that spawned it?
I took a long time off from reading it because I too thought that RS has long since ceased to be worthwhile and it wasn't until I decided to browse some issues that I thought I'd give it another try. Since that time, I've dropped nearly all my subscriptions (too much money and not enough time in the day to read them all!!) and I'm glad that RS covers many of those various interest areas for me. I get political coverage that I generally agree with provided you understand their strong left leanings, movie reviews to keep up with what's out, solid music reviews that at least make you aware of who is releasing what, the old stand-by Random Notes, and the interviews. I still enjoy reading about rock performers and since I started back up half a year ago, I've seen enough of the older artists to satisfy my particular interests. Another good thing about it is that I can stay abreast of new acts and keep my own music collection fresh.
Yes, there are way too many ads, yes their incessant 'Top Whatever' lists are little more than reasons to get hate mail to print in their letters section, yes it is a corporate rag, yes it sucks at the teat of pop culture way too much, and yes it is too middle of the road to ever satisfy those who seek a bit more cojones in their periodicals, but it is bathroom reading at its best, it keeps me informed, keeps pressure on Washington, and still shines enough light on the dinosaurs I enjoy. When you consider that they practically give the magazine away in subscription form (versus the staggeringly high newsstand rate), it won't be a waste of your money to buy a subscription and give it a chance.

The Good with the Bad

Rolling Stone spreads itself thin by trying to cover every single genre of music there is - from Brittney Spears to Marilyn Manson and everything in between. If you want a good overview of what is happening in music, this is a good subscription to get. From issue to issue the specifics will vary. So if you enjoy many different kinds of music, this would be the magazine to get. But if you are very selective about what you listen to, then you would be better subscribing to a magazine for specifically the type of music you like. Since I like alot of music from country to pop to hard rock, I enjoy reading Rolling Stone each month. My only other complaint is the magazine seems geared to a young male audience. They seem to forget that females and people over 30 are also interested in music.