Reviews For Rolling Stone Magazine

Still the best Music magazine around

Rolling Stone has been around seemingly forever, and yet they've managed to keep it fresh. My favorite thing about the magazine is that it seemlessly integrates the classic music from the past with the new artists of today. You will see articles about Cat Stevens, Radiohead and Wyclef in the same issue. This is in stark contrast to many of the newer music mags to focus too much on the new wave of music, and forget the great artists that preceeded them. Rolling Stone also does an excellent job of digging deep and really introducing you to the people involved (both artists, and others behind the scene). This is without question one of the finest magazines (music or otherwise) available today.

Magnificent Magazine!

I love to read the Rolling Stone! It gives me a chance to catch up on all of my "old" favorites! And you can't beat it for a buck!

Like a Rolling Stone

I purchased this as a Christmas gift in November, it showed up in early January. No complaints.

The best writing on any subject

I must admit that I initially subscribed to Rolling Stone for the music reviews. Slowly, however, I started reading an interview here and an article there, and before I knew it, I was reading each issue from cover to cover. The issue that covered September 11 was the finest magazine writing I have ever read.

You Have to Sort Through the Articles, But...

This is still, hands down, the best entertainment and popular culture magazine out there. Yes, like the other reviewers, I'm sick to death of the constant Britney updates and when Zac Efron appeared on the cover I took it as the first sign of the Apocalypse, but those of us over 25 need to suck it up and remember that teens and preteens are a driving force in the music market and the magazine needs to cater to them sometimes. However, if one is liberally inclined, there is no better place for political articles and cultural debates than RS. I have read far more indepth articles here on the state of the war and the atrocities of the Bush administration than in "Time" or "Newsweek". Am I concerned about the latest details on Amy Winehouse's trainwreck of a life or Rihanna's hairstyle? Nope, but the environmental stories (which are cutting edge), political articles, and occasional appearances by my favourite comediens (such as Chris Rock, as shown on this page) keep me wanting more Stone! Plus, every now and then they might have an article about Robert Smith or David Bowie that keeps me musically happy. Get the Rollingstone and get informed!!!

What a long strange trip it's been

I have been reading RS since the Hunter Thompson days (1973?) and I am still reading it, but not for all the same reasons. It was for me a good music, political, and cultural magazine. Now I don't care too much for most of the music reported on in the magazine, but I still love the reporting, particuarly on the war in Iraq.

Safety Bill

What a great deal!

Thanks for the opportunity to try such a great magazine for a crazy low price! I appreciate it.

Rolling Stone

Best magazine on the planet. Love the new format. Definitely worth the money!

Love this magazine...

I am a music fanatic and this magazine doesn't disappoint. I get all the info on my favorite bands and I get info on songs to download and reviews on new cds. They include pieces on politics which I don't particularly care for, if I wanted info on politics I would use another resource. They talk about current events that are interesting to me. If you are a fan of all things music this is definitely the magazine for you.


Great source for all things music: reviews, artist profiles, concert previews. Added bonus is the insightful articles about American politics, culture, business, etc.