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Rolling Stone Magazine

Arrived quickly, current and 2 back volumes. Rolling Stone is smaller and thinner than it used to be, the size of a regular magazine, but it is good quality journalism.

fast service

It came fast. And it was cheap! Too bad the magazine has cut down on it's length...

All The News That Fits!

I have to put in a plug for my favorite magazine, "Rolling Stone" after subscribing to it since 1974. It's gone through a lot of changes but it still delivers (liberal bias, I admit, but honestly) the real news from politics, to music to celebrities. The cover stories are always entertaining and I like the regular sections like, Q & A, Random Notes, movie reviews and record reviews. The last page is always fun to scour for the Top 40 albums and Top Ten Radio plays and Top Five Videos. "From The Vault" is a good reminder of what we read ten years ago (has it been that long?). Plus for the price, why would you buy it at the newsstand when it can be delivered to your home?

The #1 magazine for accurate political reporting

Matt Taibbi is the only reason I started to subscribe to this magazine. Do they talk about teeny bopper douchey bands and Britney and Paris Hilton too much? Yes. But the insight and accuracy in reporting from Taibbi is worth its weight in gold in today's B.S. mass media with lies all over the place. I recommend anyone to read his columns for a few issues and make your judgement.

Out with the old ...

Interesting to read these unhappy reviews. I just started reading this 6 months ago, and it's now my favorite mag. I love the political commentary and banter, and check out the latest songs suggested on rhapsody. Maybe it's not what it used to be, but I sure like it! :)

Rolling Stone Review

40th Anniversary of Woodstock, the '63 February Ed Sullivan Beatle's show, Beach Boy's "Pet Sounds", Stax and Motown's groovin' years, Prog Rock, early 70's Rock, love it or hate it Disco, Southern Rock, the XIT years, the homogeneous early 80ies, metal and Dead Heads, rap and urban Hip Hop...Lady Gaga. An eclectic array of performers and instances, that RS has showcased. LG has a few #1's and is appealing, therefore the discrepancy of the mag's format is just that...unconforming to the status quo. The envisage of Ralph Gleason and H.S.Thompson (may they R.I.P.) of RS was for originality and the total narrative of the panaramic scene of Rock Music in front, behind, and the wings of the stage. Bubbles? Hmm...I still dig RS (miss the hoagy doobie size) the acrid caucasian-favored quill of M.Taibbi, the music reviews and the stories. I see the similies of: Wishbone Ash and Mars Volta, Cream and Chickenfoot, and God help us - Emma Peel and Danica Patrick in a leather body suit, all having pages in RS, ergo Hanson and Jo Bro's.
Music, just like society, is in the constant of evolvement. Have I not the barometer of this change, perhaps the best outlook of all facets is RS. I do not have to agree with the writers, apropos - mail bag, yet, I dutifully read each page.
I've read RS since Jr. High, when my oldest brother returned from Vietnam in the early 70's. He bought 'em ... I read 'em, I'm 48, he's 57.
So, don't change. Some may or may not like Lady Gaga, as for me ... I'll take Alice Cooper and Cold Ethyl, anyday. B.A. (of Kiowa-descent OK, recently KS)

great content

The content is still great. I don't like the new format much but that may be due to not liking change much. Less edgy than it used to be. Starting to look like another slik mag.

So glad I subscribed

Rolling Stone has a bit of everything. It's an interesting magazine and has some fine writers writing about current topics.

If you love music

If you love music and hearing about new artists with different sounds this is the magazine for you. I love it and love the exposure the up and comers get.

Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone magazine has been THE magazine for music and pop culture since it began in 1967. It also has excellent political pieces which I enjoy as well. It is a magazine that many should subscribe to.