Reviews For Rolling Stone Magazine

what an experience

i read some of the negative reviews and am not sure these people actually read the magazine. I had a subscription for a long time and let the last one lapse as i was planning on traveling for a while. i happened to notice a cover on a news stand (nyc) which featured a cover story on the making of "exile on main st" with another story on the return of ozzy. looked it up on the pc, bought a digital subscription and marveled at the absolute beauty of it.

the content was always good but the presentaion of the mag in the digital subscription thing is eye-popping and worth the time/money of anybody who is curious and interested in music.

the bible of popular music

Although the magazine seems to be heading more and more towards whatever is popular instead of whatever is good, the magazine most definitely deserves a good read. Their editorials about politics are also very interesting.

if you want to find out the latest on popular music, up and coming music, and the state of the world at the same time, read Rolling Stone.

I also suggest reading Rock Music Review (an online, independent view of new music).

rolling stone mag


Great political pieces

I think this magazine is great. I mean sure it doesn't have as much music content as it once did but I think it makes up for it with its great and sometimes very popular political pieces

Rolling Stone Review

Of course, as far as the actual content of magazines go, Rolling Stone rocks! I had a subscription to Rolling Stone for years, but didn't renew it a couple of years ago so this is the first time I have actually sat down and read one in awhile. As I said before, as always, the literary content and material is awesome. However, I do not like the new actual magazine size and material. I like the classic, oversized, one step above newspaper print magazine. The new, shiny pages and small size of the magazine has, to me, kind of taken away from the nostalgia and tradition of the great Rolling Stone Magazine. I would suggest this product to any one who enjoys good entertainment and social life.

Great mag, great price

Hard to beat the price on this magazine subscription, and a decent entertainment news mag.

Great Deal

This deal was great for this subscription! I have been reading Rolling Stone for over 45 years and still is one of the best of its kind!!

Classic lives on!!!!!

Love to see as times change you can still rely on Rolling Stone to get the info.

It's just what I expected.

I'm very happy with my new subscription. I always stop at stores & glance thu the "Rolling Stone" on the shelves (once in awhile I will buy one), always wishing I could get everyone of them. Now I have it delivered to my home all the time. I just love it. Thanks!

You can't really blame them...

Update: I change my mind, the music that's out now pretty much sucks.

Blame the music industry that's producing the crappy music out there... How is a magazine whose sole purpose is music, supposed to survive when the music out there sucks? The magazine was successful when music was at its peak, and now that music is not so great it's hurting. I still respect them for having politically insightful articles. At least they're trying to educate people. Despite the 'crisis' in the music industry (it's no longer about the music, now it's about the money), they still managed to survive. I say more power to you Rolling Stone! And expose the evil doings of the music industry!