Reviews For Rolling Stone Magazine

The magazine and the band have a lot in common

For one they were both good when they started. They also had something to say and weren't afraid to speak their minds. Then they both sold out... In the late seventies the band made a disco album which ruined their entire career, and made an enemy out of me. When Kurt Cobain died in '94 the magazine became extremely corporate and just a lame rip-off of People (which is also terrible). That 100 greatest guitarists list was bulls**t. Van Halen at 70? I didn't see Cantrell and Tony Iommi (the greatest metal guitarist ever) was at 86! Kurt Cobain and Kirk Hammett (two extremely overrated and bland guitarists) were at 12 and 11! The rappers list also had that hypocrit Eminem (one minute he's a homophoeb, the next he's a homoSEXUAL) in their top 10. This company needs to stop trying and go away, like The Rolling Stones did a little while ago...

What happened to this magazine?

This used to be a great magazine. Now it's just sad. Lately they've started running lots of silly photos with even sillier (and not the least bit funny) captions. A lame attempt to copy the success of men's magazines like Maxim and Stuff. I guess this is how they fill up pages nowadays, rather than attempt any meaningful coverage of the music industry. Recent cover stories have featured such cutting-edge music acts as Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and (dare I say?)... CLAY AIKEN. If this is your idea of good music then by all means purchase this magazine.

They should of quit in the 90's

They use to be the source for anything in the Pop/Rock culture but they are nothing now. The new magazines out that have replaced them are Mojo, Q, Uncut and maybe Blender. I wish the three mag's I mentioned were out a lot earlier they are what Rolling Stone never was but Rolling Stones was good for starters back in the 70's

A disappoint

Rolling Stone has been going downhill for some time now. It's unbearable to read unless you're a bubblegum teen looking to sift through mindless trash. I was an avid reader in the past but not anymore. Don't waste your money on this and move onto something better!

shame on you rolling stone magazine!!

It's really shameful that this magazine has lost its identity and has forgotten the roots from where it came from. I really don't understand how it switched to cover mainstream teen pop music, when there are already a thousand magazines doing so. And as much as I like rock I like good pop, Michael, Madonna, Prince, even Lady Gaga has shown to have potential but the Jonas Brothers??? Twilight??? Justin Timberlake??? Is this a joke??? It is mostly a disrespect for all the great artists that once appeared in it.
I am sure if they switched back to what they used to be (which is quite unprobable) they would still have a big audience, there are a lot of adult people who grew up with the magazine in the 70's or 80's and would love to check out what's happening in the rock world right know and why not? remember the old times.

* And how come they made a list of the 100 most influential artists of all time and they included EMINEM and forgot to include PINK FLOYD and QUEEN!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PEOPLE!!!! The only reason there can exist for these two not to figure in the list is because they are in position -1 and -2.*
*And if they ever decide to switch back to what they once were THEY SHOULD GET ANNIE LEIBOVITZ BACK!!!!! She did a wonderful job working with them!!!*

Waste of time

Rolling Stone is horrible. I've had a few free subscriptions over the past few years and every time I try it again it's just another disappointment. The articles are dumb and the reviews are uninformed and irrelevant. Oh well. It was free.

Taking up space in my recycling bin

What happened to this magazine? What was once an interesting magazine about music and now just a trashy tabloid. The covers all look alike--cheesy and borderline middle school nasty.
I skim quickly when it arrives and put in the recycling bin pretty immediately. What a waste and what a downward spiral to witness. Sad.


This "magazine" is the worst I've ever saw. Except for the girl on the cover you see there is nothing good about it. Since the early 90's this magazine is a corporate lame ripp-off .These losers don't know s**t about music, they gave the Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden (my favorite band), only 2 out of 5, I agree it is somewhat overrated but c'mon, 2 out of 5?!, they didn't rate Led Zeppelin IV. Plus in the top 100 guitarists the didn't include John Petrucci, Dave Mustaine, Kerry King, Jerry Cantrell, Adrain Smith and Dave Murray, yet they put Kirk Hammett and Kurt Cobain in the #11 and #12, and Tony Iommi only at #86. Kirk Hammett is okay but I always had sense that he's one of the most overrated guitarists, I'm good nearly as his best works ever. And Kurt Cobain is at least 20x worse than Kirk, I could play his crap after 2 weeks (one month at best). Plus they gave Results May Vary by Limp Bizkit (the worst album ever!) 3 out of 5 (where as 'Number' gets 2).
PS this is really the worst music magazine, I can't believe a friend of mine likes this! I'm sorry for anyone who ever paid for this crap.


After a long hiatus from my subscription expiration from the college years, I re-subscribed to RS what with my daughter entering the ages where she may appreciate what was the quintessential music and freedom mag. What a disappointment. The magazine that used to be all about music, with in-depth insightful articles from all angles; espousing freedom and anti-establishment---this mag has now turned into what reads like a Democratic Party National Committee publication with some music industry news. No more P.J. O'Rourke, just a party line complete with name calling and self identified with the "blue state" label of the Dems. Can get music news elsewhere. Maybe check you out in another 15 years.

Happy I only paid one dollar

The only reason I subscribed to Rolling Stone was the price. I find their sad commitment to undeserving pop music and ancient rockers pedantic.