Reviews For Rolling Stone Magazine

Used to be decent, now it's pretty much junk

This used to be a pretty decent music magazine. Not the best that was out there, but still decent. However, Rolling Stone has taken a huge nose-dive in the past ten or so years. I'm not sure I'd even really call it a music magazine anymore. It's more a pop-culture magazine that panders to teeny-boppers. A music magazine's main focus should be music, but RS has over the years started including more and more articles on TV shows, movies, politics, etc and less and less on music...especially less and less on good music. If you want a magazine on pop-culture go with Entertainment Weekly. It, at least, has a bit of taste here and there and doesn't spout off about politics. If I want politics, I'll read the newspaper or watch CNN. I don't buy music magazines for politics. I buy them for music. If you want a good music magazine, this isn't the place to look anymore.


This use to be the best music mag out there, with its great music info, reviews, and updates about big music news, but its just about selling the cover. It lacks the information, news, etc that made this mag sell like crazy. Now they just make a nice, "hot", glossy cover~expecting to get stupid people who dont actually read the mag to buy this.
This "new age" of the mag, has really shamed its old good name. Any good review in this mag has lost its worthiness, at least for one old fan.

No longer a voice

Wow, after being away for about ten years, I came back to find it's become People Magazine. The same thing that happened to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, happened to this magazine. Acourding to Rolling Stone, rock and roll now includes Britany Spears, Madona, Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga and anyone that has been on American Idol. Goodbye forever.

just another rag

talk about a long strange trip.
Rolling Stone started as a true counter culture, in the pocket, with the people, informative "Newspaper". It had the pulse of a generation at and in its heart.
The reviews were on the money and it spoke for what seemed to be the "movement".
This glossy advertising trash can liner should drop the name and just sell itself as what it is, just another phony here today gone tomorrow study in what we now see as entertainment. This is a true tragedy.

A lot of people have written . . .

A lot of people have written in to complain about the decline of Rolling Stone magazine. And they're right. But I didn't understand why until I read Russell David Harper's BALD: in which the good old days of Led Zeppelin and the right to the pursuit of decadence are mourned. (The narrator's loss of hair is just a metaphor . . .)

gawd, just look at this hideous cover!!

Christina Aguilera naked with a guitar.... are they as desperate as she is??? This is just so tasteless & disgraceful. And nevermind the articles, they're hardly filled with anything interesting anymore. I have to agree with just about every review in here... it's all about gossip, & the somewhat interesting stuff you can just read online. And are they even about music anymore? They're as bad as eMpTV. Don't bother with this.... it's hard to fathom why so many people do though!!

how the mighty have fallen

When I was in high school in the mid to late 80s, Rolling Stone was single-handedly responsible for getting me into a lot of the bands I loved then and still love today. Now, well, honestly, its just a bunch of crap. They seem to aspire to being some kind of subsidiary of tiger beat, with its emphasis on Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, and every other crap pop band out there. It would have been much better for the Stone if they had called it quits soon after the grunge explosion of the early least they could have retired with dignity and class. The direction they have moved in now is truly unforgiveable.

Used to be it's trash

I recently read a few copies that were given to me by a friend. What trash this magazine has become. When I was younger, it was filled with great information about music, the artists, great photography, etc. Now it's just a teeny bopper and faux political rag. It's not even worth looking at. Such a disappointment for a magazine that helped to build the rock music scene back in the day. I wish someone would buy it and rebuild it...make it about music like it used to be.

Rolling Stone------RIP.

Oh Lord!! Does anyone still read this?? I was a subscriber back in the early 70's,when it was a folded up, newspaper.By and large, Jann Wenner let people run it, that knew how to. It is now, and has been nothing more than an Ad choked,gossiping Teen slick.Right, like they are the ones with the money!! I wonder what they still pay Raoul Duke, to do??!! Ralph Gleason has to be turning over in the grave.

MOJO is so much better

If you care about Music then Mojo is a far better magazine. I want to read about Music not what Obama or Sarah Palin had for lunch. I'm bombarded with politics day and night on the tube. I just want a good music magazine to relax with.

RS has lost it for me.