Reviews For Rolling Stone Magazine

This rag is pathetic

Over the years I have read thousands of music magazines. Rolling Stone never fails to be the lamest rag. This magazine jumps on every weak fad like it's a gift from God and the next big thing. They interview uninteresting people, ignore stars and bands that have survived 10, 20, or even 30 years, and make huge deals out of one hit wonders who will disappear in six months. I am proud to say I resent everything this magazine stands for. Go buy a Hit Parader or Metal Edge.


This once brilliant magazine has turned into a VERY Political, Leftist, version of the trashy tabloids that are unfortunately shaping our Celebrity Obsessed disgusting society...For God sakes, Paris Hilton has become an idol for our Teen culture...we are screwed!

Just 100% trash

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover... but this just takes the cake. some of these covers are just plain obscene and they only make the star's ego even more bigger, leading to more arrogancy on their part.

The so-called "greatest" 100 guitarists list in 2000-whenever told all I needed to know.

No Scandinavians. No Japanese. No John Petrucci. Jack White ahead of Tom Morello. Eddie Van Halen all the way down at 70. And I haven't called out half of the things wrong with this joke of a list, I'm sure. RS is an expensive bonfire, and they don't deserve your money.

Hasbeen Rag

I used to love RS Mag years ago. It was intelligent, informative and interesting. Now it is little more than a juvenile political rag wannabe that just misses the mark. Probably a fine read for a 14 year old mall rat.

Terrible Horrific Bad Barfeable Disgracefull Lame Disgusting

No whare near the magazine Billboard this has a bunch of crappy little (...)bands that no one likes and it has terrible articles Bushes Crimes against something i mean its one thing to diss Bush and its another to show some consistancy.Plus they have the Barney wannabe Bob Dylan as the number two artist what about that one guy named Elvis Presley here are the reviews
Articles 0 pictures 0 Specials 6 Enjoyable 2 Lasting 1
Overall=9/50 One of the worst things of all time.

extreme left wing

this is not the magazine it used to be most articles have nothing to do with music just a tool to advance the socialist agenda. Birdcage material

Is this an entertainment magazine or Obama's mouthpiece?

The recent issue of Rolling Stones (Metallica on cover) is the recent and probably the last issue I would buy. This magazine's music stories are still great but hey what happened to it? It's now turned to be a hard Leftie magazine intended to mislead readers. This is sad that a reputable magazine like Rolling Stones has become a mouthpiece for any candidate, be it Hussein O or McCain. It doesn't matter whom they favor to me. What matters is that they have lost their credibility to remain an objective and fair publication. Will never buy this again!

Boycotting Rolling Stone

Wenner Media, the owner of this magazine, is responsible for shameless attacks on Sarah Palin and obvious bias in journalism. I, for one, won't be buying anything associated with Wenner Media. If they go bankrupt, it's their own fault and rightly deserved.

The Politics Aren't the Problem...

Rolling Stone used to be great. In fact, I still enjoy the movie reviews from Peter Travers. However, when you review approximately an album a month and don't even go near the indie world, things get a bit messed up. This month, I was hoping to see their reviews on the new Slipknot and Underoath albums. Nope, not there. And while hardcore isn't exactly the most prominent music on earth, they haven't even heard of Underoath. And did I mention that they gave Kanye West's Graduation five stars a while back? Even worse they gave the Carter III four and a half. Uh-huh, uh-huh. This magazine rates albums exactly as the American public loves them. Everyone loves Lil' Wayne? Cool, we'll give his new horrible album classic status! And instead of writing columns about indie bands who people need help discovering, at least mainstream nicempoops, they write about the '08 classic rock revival as if the whole world is paying attention. Let's get one thing straight: AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen, Motley Crue, and for god's sake, Judas Priest, nobody cares anymore! You might have been hip one time, but not anymore! Get over yourself. The most independent band I think they have ever mentioned is Death Cab. While a terrific band, it proves how limited Rolling Stone is in their music views. Very sad, yes. And seriously, they've reviewed like 15 albums in the past year.
And everyone should quit bashing them for their politics, because those aren't the problem. Any mainstream music mag should hate the republicans, and so should everyone else. Or was Bush not bad enough for you? Good day.