Reviews For Rolling Stone Magazine

Better uses for this magazine than reading it....

Rolling Stone magazine, like a lot of the "rock" music coming out today, is just a trashy shell of what it used to be. Best used as a bathroom tabloid, then after one spends 5 minutes glancing through it, use the pages for bath tissue, or use with glass cleaner to clean the bathroom mirror. If you are one of the people who likes getting attention by tattooing and piercing your body all over the place, and having spiked dyed purple hair while wearing tough-looking black leather jackets and boots with chain links, this magazine might be right up your alley. This magazine has gotten THAT BAD.

The 'Hustler' of music magazines.

Shameless, trashy, sensationalist, ignorant and mindless. What a shambles.

Just not good.

Rolling stone has lost it's sense of what it was and what it represented. All it represents now is the Gap, some cologne and whatever trend kids are getting sold this month. If you are looking for a magazine with some substance check out Alternative Press.

Past it

Once the cutting edge of Rock journalism, Rolling Stone has fallen a long way. Now it seems to be directed mainly at aging boomers who like to get high. Pontificating, as it does, on the musical tastes of young readers who wouldn't be caught dead with a copy of Rolling Stone- I mean, that's what their *parents* read- it sounds increasingly pathetic as the years go by. What a pity.

..if you're a 50-something liberal white guy

... if you're a 50-something Blue state white man, this is the magazine for you. If you think Bob Dylan is the most important artist of all time, Hunter S. Thomspon is the best writer, percussive-heavy music gives you a headache and sampling confuses you, and a half-naked Paris Hilton or Simpson sister turns you on, this magazine understands you perfectly. Otherwise it's like hanging out with your dad's friends who're trying to convince you they're still cool. I wish my subscription would hurry up and lapse already!

Sex sells, but are we forgetting the music??

Rolling Stone magazine has almost completely lost touch with what the music scene is all about. Pop culture will always be what most people want to read about, but what about the real revolutionaries? There is cutting edge, genre defining music being made everyday by bands who need to be given the chance to be recognized. Rollingstone mag. has become yet another publication (like the new Blender music mag) to feature beautiful people and their often times simple music. Here's a suggestion RS, sell your gorgeous pictures of sexy artists to Hollywood. I'm interested in reading meaningful reviews on musicians, not entertainers.

It's just bad.

It does make a good place to train you dog and/or cat.
Also some of the pictures are in color.

A Shadow Of What It Was

Don't bother, devoid of anything that doesn't have a corporate label attached

Amazingly bad journalism

I used to read this magazine in college. What was I thinking? When I look at it today, I realize the quality of the journalism is terrible. Blech.

Waaaay past it's shelf life

What was once the go-to magazine for music has fallen so far off the mark that putting a bullet through it today would still not excise the last fifteen years of shilling fashion and celebretards. Zero credibility these days...much like an athlete hanging on way past his prime and embarassing himself.