Reviews For Redbook Magazine

Great magazine!

I love Redbook, it's perfect for my life. I'm a mom & wife in my mid 30s and this magazine has articles that are relevant to me. The fashions are wearable by real women and the home and food ideas don't require a millionaire or a professional.

good american product

i like magazines in general. alot of info between the all american pasttime/product. this mag. covers many topics per issue without overkill. learn more between the articles than in.

Redbook Review

Just started back ordering magazines after a long break from them and found Redbook very refreshing.
Found more than just advertisements to look at. Stories and articals were very informative and top
rated. Great choice and excellent price.

Always liked Redbook

I like Redbook magazine because it's not a "fashion" magazine with a bunch of stuff no real person could/would ever afford or wear, it's not trashy like Cosmo with titles on the cover that aren't appropriate for my children to see and it's not too "home and garden" with impossibly perfect homes and decor. It's just a good magazine with articles that would be of interest to many different types of women ages 25 and up. There are health tips, afforable and wearable fashion, makeup/hair care tips, recipes, stories, etc.

Fan of Red Book

Im in my mid 20s so although I still read Glamour and the like, Red Book is more mature. It has better articles and caters to women in their 20s,30s and 40s.

It's Redbook

Well, you know, it's Redbook. It's not the world's most interesting magazine, but it gives me something to glance at in between diaper changings, feedings, and so on and it was a great price.


It's an okay subscription buit there are others I like better. Will fulfill my subscription and than not reorder. Nothing wrong with seller just not that great a magazine.

Excellent Practical Magazine

Love this magazine! Last month Redbook had a wonderful workout and great practical recipes that I am acturally going to attempt. I learn something new in every issue which is totally what I am looking for in a publication.


Redbook magazine is not what it used to be. Good thing I got it cheap. Don't bother with this one.

Should've done more research!

I like the magazine, but it's oriented to a different demographics... totally my fault. But overall, a good read for the month! worth the price