Reviews For Redbook Magazine

Excellent Value! Filled with useable info.

I really like this magazine, even if its a woman's magazine. Often I find these types of magazines filled with advertisements and articles that never seem to fit a real persons every day life. This magazine features a nice cross section of information on fashion, decorating, cooking, and relationships. I always find something interesting to read in here.

Redbook.. is more .... magazine

I look forward to recieving my magazine every month. I really love this magazine. It has articles, marriage, sex, women's lives, etc. I don't know why the others didn't enjoy it.

Great well-rounded magazine!

It's a great magazine, with a little bit of everything, fashion, sex, cooking, home decor, makeup, etc. Keeps you entertained and informed, with relevant articles. I could not put it down, read it all in one day. I'm 27 years old and married, if that helps.

Something of interest every month!

Redbook is a great general interest magazine that is useful for the businesswoman, fashionista, interior decorator and shopper in me! I look forward to every issue, and keep them around for months as reference material.

I really recommend Redbook as a gift for yourself or a friend!

I love this magazine

I love this magazine. It has great articles, advice, and contests. I love their recipes too! I definitely recommend!

little bit of everything

I love this magazine. It has articles, marriage, sex, women's lives, etc. I don't know why the others didn't enjoy it.

Love Redbook

Redbook is the perfect mom/woman magazine! It has a little bit of everything and I don't want to put it down!

Redbook Subscription

Redbook has an affordable subscription offer, which allows busy women to enjoy informative articles each month. Redbook offers interesting articles about relationships, beauty, recipes and much much more. I am glad I subscribed for two years, I enjoy reading my magazine each month.

Great Magazine

I love that this magazine covers everything from diet, exercise, fashion, relationships, recipes, etc. The articles are informative and of quality. I enjoy reading this magazine very much.

Love it

I like the new format, its easier to follow. I got the subscription just so i could read the Dear Husand/Wife I promise... its hilarious and so true! plus it doesnt hurt that my first one had christina aguilera on it and i had just seen burlesque :)