Reviews For Redbook Magazine


I love Redbook every issue brings something new for my marriage, work, fitness, family and friend. What else do you need?

Hooked on Redbook

When I was younger I used to sneak peeks of my mom's copy of Redbook, feeling like I was really getting away with something devious.

Today, a little older, a little wiser and I still find myself sneaking off with a copy of Redbook and feeling like I'm getting away with something. Only now it's my own copy and I'm usually sneaking off to soak in a bubble bath and relax while reading.

Not every article interests me, but how often do you really find a magazine that you truly care about every page, cover to cover? They have a goal to reach a large audience of women with a huge variety of interests, so it's nearly impossible to appeal to every woman with every article. However, I think they do a pretty darn good job and I have never finished an issue feeling disappointed.

Cheap, Fun and Informative

I think this is a great magazine. The subscription price is incredibly reasonable. I find that it fits me and my lifestyle well. It definitely seems geared toward 30-40s aged women with families and young children. The topics are interesting...kind of like the next stage of Cosmopolitan. I look forward to it each month.


This is a great magazine for fashion, romance, family, and living your life in a smart way.

Great Value

I used to subscribe to a more expensive magazine, but with hectic family life, I find that Redbook is enjoyable to read but I now don't feel guilty for wasting money if I don't get to it on a monthly basis!

Redbook Mag. Sub.

It was a gift for my daughter. I'm pretty sure the first issue has arrived by now.

Good Housekeeping Magazine

Really great to get a subscription at such a reduced price. I have read Good Housekeeping for many years


I really like the fact that the publishers really listen to their readers. Every year (or is it twice a year?) there is a survey included in the magazine for people to give their opinions about articles they enjoy and those they would rather do without.

I've been reading this for the past 2 years at my local bookstore (and finally subscribed earlier this year). I've seen an improvement not only in the magazine's layout, but in the content as well. I really like how there are "sections" on personal well-being, fashion, motherhood, etc. Since I'm not a parent (yet), I can easily skip over the motherhood section. Because of the layout, it's not hard to flip through and find what I'm looking for.


As promised my subscription to Redbook magazine arrived on time ! YAY ! I enjoy the articles, coupons and general advice that the magazine offers. And my family enjoys the recipes !!

Love Redbook

I have been a past subscriber to Redbook and was not going to let this promotion pass me by. I like all the different articles covering all aspects of life.