Reviews For Redbook Magazine

Fun to read.

This mag. is fun to read and has good recipes. Also, the subscription was inexpensive.


It is alright. I like other magazines better. Ones with more things for the house. Also ones about clothes and household hints.

Bought it for my wife

We have been married a little over a year and I thought this would be a good magazine for young married women (aka my beautiful wife) but from what she says its... "meh".

red book

Not sure if its a good magazine yet, but the price i got it for was great so i thought i would try it

sexy and hot

This was anticipated to be a 'general info' magazine. Two months' issues were sent on two consecutive days. An abundance of articles were on sex. Both have lots of items about 'pleasing your partner' sexual satisfaction, etc. There is a dearth of recipes, home decorations or general read. I'm sorry that I have a 2 year subscription, though the price was right.

Very Shallow

This is a very shallow magazine. The artickes have no depth, the titles and cover proclimations are very misleading (such as a child's "Miracle" recovery which was simply that he got better when the Dr.'s found what was wrong and gave him a bit of medicine, or a "Quirky" post-baby weight loss tip that was breastfeeding). It's full of useless "diets," scare-of-the-month health issues that aren't even real news, and other such drivel. In trying to appeal to everyone it doesn't appeal to me at all!

Not a Good Magazine

Redbook is full of articles for mothers. I have no kids and have little interest in reading articles about parenting each month. On top of that Hearst Corporation is terrible to deal with. They recently sent me an invoice for renewal months before my subscription is set to expire. I had previously marked the invoice Refused and sent it back because I do not like the magazine. I would not recommend Redbook or any other magazine published by Hearst Corporation. They are a pain to deal with.


There is not enough hours in a day to sit and waste your time reading this. Maybe in a doctor's office, when you don't want to look at anything else. But not if your a busy person and time is limited.

Magazine is always torn up

The magazine never arrives in a plastic package. It is always ruffled and torn by the time it reaches us.