Reviews For Playstation The Official Magazine

PS3 Magazine

I can't really complain about it. The only reason I subscribed to it was because I got a 1-year membership for half off.

good content, but not a lot of it

i know print has been hurting, and it shows here. the magazine is thinner (and a higher percentage ads) than similar ones a decade ago. that being said, the content is quite good.

It's not what it seems to be.

For those who hasn't caught on this mag isnt Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine. Its not by the same people and doesn't carry the same quality. Its by the same people that write Playstation magazine. As far as i know Ziff Davis Inc. aren't publishing playstation mags anymore. As far as this magazine goes i give it 2 out of 5 stars. The do tend to give there own pennon and less facts more times then not. There are some good articles somtimes but hard to find. They do have a nice release date for up and coming games. In all if you coming for a OPM revival youll end up feeling empty inside. But if you want a playstation magazine to read and not that picky its fine.

Below Average

This is a blatently biast magazine, but what's worse is the fact that the editing is horrible. The attempt at jokes is far too often, and are usually not even remotely funny. There is hardly any preview space, only reviews and useless info. I recommend a multi-system videogame mag, such as Gameinformer, or EGM.

don't be mislead......

This mag used to be good... then they became 'official'.... that's another word for 'bland' in this case...

come on guys! you are better than this! get your stinkin act together!!

I will still keep my subscription, but only because I collect gaming mags.... I'm a huge fan of gaming journalism; I collect it!

there is NEVER anything interesting in this mag, except for the segment they did on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.....

there is potential here, but Sony has obviously ordered that the writing be BLAND AS HELL just like McDonalds food.....