Reviews For Playstation The Official Magazine

A mag you can trust

PSM is the only mag i know to ever admit they underrated ICO. I quite agree with their ratings which seem to escape most of the commercial influences. The whole package doesn't glitter but it is very effective. It takes me hours to read it unlike some other mags that won't keep me busy fore more than a bus stop interval.

Great value!!!

I think this deal is awesome, but the ship time is terrible. I enjoy reading PS Mags and XB Mags, but if you have to wait three months for the first issue, DAMN!!! Anyhow, you can't beat the price and despite the wait, I would recommend the purchase.

Good PS3 Mag

I like this a lot better than the Gameinformer magazine. Obviously it covers only PS3 compared to the other, but that's what I own. Stories and reviews are excellent.

good magazine

I used read this magazine before they came out with play station 2 and it was the best back then for information on everything play station so I cant imagine it could be any different.

Good Sony Mag

I still prefer Nintendo Power, but I picked this up during the half off deal when you bought a game over X-mas. Me and my son both read it, but both prefer NP and wish this was a little more fun like NP. All in all though it has good reviews and sneak previews of the games we love!

I don't even own a PS3 yet, but PSM is an outstanding magazine

I used to subscribe to EGM, but the format and attitude of that magazine has really changed throughout the years. While Xbox and Wii aren't really covered at all, you'll find news about the hundreds of games available on PSP, PS2 and PS3. The writing in PSM is concise and full of information, but it maintains a good sense of humour thoughout.

PSM gets me excited about the mindblowing PS3 titles to come: Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Grand Theft Auto 4 and more. I will, without a doubt, continue reading this magazine once I purchase a PS3. It has, by far, the best Playstation coverage out of any magazine out there (and that includes the Offical Playstation Magazine.)

PSM Magazine

This is a great magazine for Playstation fans. If you just want PS news and want to skip the other consoles, this is a good way to do it. News and reviews are fair and seem unbiased.


The reviews are objective.

The feature articles not as strong.

Hey, bring back the swimsuit issues!!

Nice.. but kinda short

Not a bad "just give me the basic" type of magazine.
Falls a little short of a perfect 5 star rating. There's not that much info included. Just the basic layouts of top games, although they do have a couple sections where I've found myself reading for quite sometime. At such a low cost you cant go wrong with this type of magazine.

Good stuff

I like these mags because I like to be current with the newest games coming out. It's not the best mag but it's pretty good.