Reviews For Playstation The Official Magazine

Who doesn't love video game magazines?

Great magazine for keeping up to date on all the going ons of Playstation.
Playstation is my system of choice, I might be called a fanboy for that but so be it. I own a Wii and Xbox 360 as well I just prefer playing on the PS3 and have the other systems for there exclusive titles.

Hail to the king of playstation magazines

Alrightly. Folks it doesn't get any better than this. This magazine blends humor with serious reviewing. They will give the strong points and bad while keeping it real to the hardcore player elite - like me! Anyhow, I've read this magazine for a while and I've never been disappointed. The "Ask the 800 lbs. Gorilla" section is a riot. The Bottomline gamer this is an unbiased, not corporatly owned (like OPM, and XBOX magazine) and a pleasing magazine to read. Anyone "hooked" on gaming and looking for great recommendations on must have games should pick up a PSM and get a subscription.

Solid Mag

Nice Playstation only magazine with very little fanboy articles. Articles and reviews are generally right on.

Great Magazine for a Great Price

PSM is the greatest magazine out there for PS2, PSP, and PS3 owners.
It has great reviews, previews, and news for current and upcoming games and systems.
It is a must have for any owner of a PlayStation console.

For PS3 Lovers!!!

If you've been an long time playstation fan or just thinking of purchasing in the future and want information, this is the magazine for you. It's very informative and keeps you updated on whats to come for the playstation. It will keep you reading from front to back.

Great Mag. Great Price.

I have been a PSM reader for years. Previews, reviews, and highlights are spot on. It allows me to be ahead of the game (...sorry for the pun).

Awesome Magazine

This is by far my favorite magazine ever. Every issue has a ton of information and is extremely well written. It is fun to read and they get stories about things way before anyone else does. They also have extra features that are just icing on the cake, like posters in almost every issue.

Great magazine. However, NOTE: A full year is 13 issues

I really enjoy this magazine but do note that a full year is 13 issues. The terms of this sale (at least when I purchased) was for 12 or 24 issues. It incorrectly states that correlates to 12/24 months, which it does not. There is a holiday issue that counts as one of your issues.

A Solid Publication

I typically would purchase The Official PlayStation Magazine each month at the store. Over time I have found that the magazine has become a very good resource for information regarding the PlayStation product line from Sony. In addition I enjoy some of the other articles and spotlights on technology and products that fit the gamers' lifestyle. The only negative, which can be said of a lot of magazines, is the review section. While larger titles get feature articles and they can justify the ratings, they use a 5 star system, some of the smaller titles or titles that are cross platform, get smaller write ups, and if you, as a consumer are on the fence about whether or not you would enjoy the title, or it is a waste of your money, it is hard to make the call based on a short article and a star rating. Overall the magazine is a solid and informative read, however, I wish they would revise their product review system.

i like this magazine

I have subscribed to this magazine for over 2 years now and I love it. PTOM always has interesting articles about the industry and has awesome previews for upcoming titles. The one thing I don't rely on with PTOM is their reviews however, which always seem to be very high no matter which game it is.