Reviews For Playstation The Official Magazine

PS3 Owners Need to Subscribe to This Mag!!

This is an A++ magazine. I have owned many gaming magazine in my lifetime and the PlayStation is the best magazine for content. They have excellent reviews of blu-ray movies that are new and you need to rent/buy. I wish I would have known about this magazine sooner. Buy this!!

A great source for all your PlayStation needs!!!

While we are in the age of the internet and information being leaked and revealed ahead of schedule for companies, its nice to know that there is a quality magazine out there that caters to the PlayStation universe without compromising information or creditability just to increase their userbase. Quality articles, in-depth game reviews and informative responses to questions of gamers make this magazine a welcome addition for a source of media for PlayStation fans.

great info about all things playstation

this magazine has a lot of great articles about upcoming games for ps3 and psp. lots of cool accessories and games. good rating system for games.

Great magazine for PS2

This is definately a must buy for every PS2 fan. Great reviews on popular current games, giving strong points and weak points for each reviewed game, previews on popular upcoming games, and some very helpful tips for your more popular games.

Note the word "popular" as this magazine will not cover every single game out there.

Comical captions here and there also make it a pleasure to read. Throw in the annual swimsuit issue which the previous reviewer mentioned, opinion pages and fan art, and there should be nothing stopping a serious PS2 gamer from subscribing to this magazine.

Concise and well written

This magazine has been on newstands since the days of the PS1. Now the PS3 has arrove and it is rolling towards the next generation of game play. I enjoy this magazine quite a bit. It's not an official Playstation Magazine but that generally keeps the writers from being biased. I know in general I can always get an honest answer and a good review. The magazine is a decent price compared to the official magazine which costs twice as much at newsstands just because it offers a demo disc. I will stay with this magazine to get my news and pics.

One of the Best Official Video Game Magazines

The PS3 has a very tight knit gaming community. While the 360 has more people, the PS3 has more devoted fans. So, it goes without saying that their official magazine will share the same type of close knit community. The magazine itself is a monthly publication that has what you would expect, reviews, previews, blu-ray movie reviews, etc. The presentation though is where the magazine really shines. High glossy pictures, big pages, it looks nice. Compared to the 360's official magazine (which is also pretty good), it's miles ahead.

Great place for sony fans

This magazine has some great preview articles, great review articles, great writing, great exclusives, and just great stouries from great writers. If you want to know whats going on in the world of sony this is the perfect magazine.

PS Magazine is great

It is full of exclusives for all things playstation, including some ps2 content. what more can i say?

PS Fanboy's Favorite Mag

Playstation: The Official Magazine is definitely the magazine for Playstation fanboys. To say that it's for fanboys is an obvious statement. But regardless of your affiliation if you have a PS3 or PSP and would just like to avoid the rampant trolling and bashing of fans and writers alike of other consoles then this is the magazine for you. Most multi-media sites that feature game reviews, regardless of their claim for objectivity, seem to side with one console or another. It's not to say there aren't any unbiased writers out there but if you love your Playstation consoles and don't want to be constantly avoiding media clutter then this is your number 1 Gaming magazine. Casual gamers and Hardcore gamers alike would enjoy this magazine for it's in depth coverage on all things Playstation, from peripherals, softwares, upcoming games and downloadable content.

PS3 owners...a must have!

If you own a PS3, this magazine gives you all the information you need to know about your next-gen machine.
Previews, Reviews and a lot of extras! Don't be fooled by other mags claiming to have it all...This one does!