Reviews For Parents Magazine

Waste of time

For the amount of advertising and articles written by advertisers, they should be giving this away. We found Wondertime to be a better (but still flawed) child magazine.

Need to be patted on the back?

Then this is the magazine for you! Do you formula feed, vaccinate or circumcize without a second thought? Do you love those *humorous* 'oops I overdosed my baby on tylenol!' letters to the editor?

I have to say out of all the mainstream magazines this is the worst. You can hardly turn the page without being bombarded by formula, bottles or chemical-laden trash diapers. You can find maybe 2 references to breastfeeding per issue, as if bottlefeeding should be the norm.

Parenting magazines SHOULD be supportive, don't get me wrong. But they also should be able to get information out to parents. Let parents have choices. Not say, here is a vaccination schedule instead of here are the two sides of the issue put in plain words, you choose. Rarely do I see a two sided story in this magazine. It makes you wonder who is really writing the articles sometimes.

I shudder to think of the first time mother who solely relies on this magazine as her wealth of information. To you first time mothers who are looking for REAL information and background I suggest you find yourself a copy of Mothering. Do yourself and your baby a favor.


I'll pass

This magazine clearly caters exclusively to the mainstream American parent. As a mother who breastfeeds, cloth diapers, and co-sleeps I find that this publication has very little to offer parents who parent 'outside of the box'. Furthermore, I often come across opinions presented as facts, and studies are often grossly misquoted and misinterpreted. Coming from a scientific background, I find the information presented in this magazine to be skewed and biased and showing a distinct lack of research to back up its claims.

I also miss articles on breastfeeding, choices in diapering, etc. The focus is clearly on consumerism (baby products and ads), and there is hardly any critical reflection and not enough information.

I'll pass on this one.

even the articles are nothing more than ads

There are much better parenting mags out there. Don't waste your money the articles are common sense or just written to sell a product. In fact some of the info I found misleading from the truth. Try Parenting Magazine the topics are similar but the info is better and doesn't seem written by the companies advertising in their magazine.