Reviews For Parents Magazine

Parents Magazine: Great Information For New Parents

As a new mother, I have found Parents Magazine to be a valuable source of information in helping raise my child. I have often turned to the articles in this magazine not only for information about the stages of development my daughter is going through, but also for the reassurance and support of reading articles and letters from parents who are experiencing similar doubts, fears, and triumphs watching their own children grow and mature.

Each month the magazine is jam packed with articles relating to the various issues today's parents face. They are grouped into the following categories; Health & Safety, Time For You, Family Life, Homestyle, Fun Time, and As They Grow.

These are some examples of articles from the October 2000 issue. In the Health & Saftey section there is an emergency pullout section on strangulation and suffocation. This article has important advice on how to keep your child safe, what to do if your child is in an emergency situation involving strangulation or suffocation, and a list of 800 numbers to check for product recalls. In the Family Life section, some of the articles are; 7 Smart Ways to Save For College and On the Road to a Drug Free Future.

Each issue's As They Grow section is divided into these sub-sections; pregnancy and birth, 0-12 months, 1 Year, 2 Year, 3/4 Year, 5/6 Year, 7-10 year, and 11-13 Year. Each sub-section then has a monthly article about a topic that is related to that specific age group.

I highly recommend this magazine for any new parent, but feel parents of older children or with more than one child can benefit from this magazine also.


Parents Magazine...a Great choice

Until recently, I had only purchased Parents Magazine occasionally at the grocery store. But, now that a pregnancy has kept me bed bound, I have really become hooked to Parents magazine. I have recently subscribed and can't wait to the newest issue to hit my mail box.
Each of the issues that I read, I found valuable information about pregnancy and birth. I, being almost 7 months pregnant, enjoy that. But, there is information for a wide span of ages. "As They Grow" is a feature that covers a child's life from pregnancy right up to the teen years. It is not exclusively directed to new moms. I like the fact that this magazine will grow with my childrens needs. I also value the other topics such as health, safety, "Time for you", family life, homestyle, and fun time. The articles are very well written. I find them all to be interesting. It is one of the few magazines I read cover to cover.
I liked this magazine so much that I gave a subscription to a new mom of twins.


It's been 5 years and I still love it!

I first subscribed to this magazine 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I had looked at this magazine a few times at friends homes so I knew what to expect.

My favorite thing about this magazine is that parents of all kinds will find something informative in it. I really like the sections that are categorized by age. It starts with pregnancy and goes up through the teen years. Each month it highlights something different specifically about that age group.

In the front of the magazine, there is always a section where parents have written in their tips and ideas. I have learned several things from other parents in this section. Everything from potty training to getting kids to clean up their toys.

In the back of the magazine, there is always easy recipes that your kids can help you make and that they will enjoy eating. I have tried several of their recipes, and many of them are now favorites in our home.

I read this magazine cover to cover every month when it arrives. A lot of my friends and family members call me when they have a question about parenting because they know I've probably read about it in Parents Magazine.

I think this is a great magazine for new and experienced moms. I have really loved and enjoyed my subscription to this magazine over the past five years. And, now that I just found out I'm expecting another baby I'm sure this is one subscription I'll have for a long time!


Are you a Parent? If so, you need PARENTS.

I've read 'em all. I've given every parenting/child/baby magazine a try, reading them from cover to cover, devouring every word. My favorite by far has been PARENTS magazine. I've always found the information pertinent, down-to-earth, and easy-to-read. One of my favorite things to read, in any magazine, is advice, ideas, etc. from other Moms just like me. My favorite section in PARENTS is "It Worked for Me".It is almost always practical, and I've found some great ideas from crafts, to discipline, to how to potty train. The magazine is broken down in easy to follow sections, covering big issues such as television viewing, pediatricians, illness, safety, product recalls, etc. to fun activities, kid friendly recipes, and crafts.

Another favorite of mine, each month they pick a product and have readers test them and give their opinion--pros and cons. It is nice to see what people like me think about them, and not just the experts.

There's also a pull out each month on safety/first aid. These are printed on thicker paper so you can easily pull it out and save it.

Unlike many parenting magazines that focus on a particular age group--baby, toddler, older kids, etc. PARENTS is very diverse. It covers all age ranges, with a variety of topics pertaining to each group. This month it covers, couples who dealt with infertility, crying(in babies),
tips for being your pediatrician's favorite parent(how to prepare, questions, etc.), step families, health and fitness issues from adults, what motherhood does to your body, etc.

At the end of the magazine there is a special section entitled "As They Grow". It is split into sections--Pregnancy/Birth, 0-12 mos, 1 year, 2 yrs, 3 and 4 yr., etc. Each talks about a topic relating to that age/stage. As I have said before, all of this information is very useful. For example, protecting your baby from heat, how to keep them cool, and what to do if they become overheated.

They even have a page that you can share photos of your kids!

I enjoy reading material that relates to me, to my life, and my kids, that is fun, easy to read, and informative. I enjoy hearing about other parent's adventures, and their ideas. If you like reading material like this also, give this magazine a try. PARENTS magazine fulfills all of my expectations.


You get better than you pay for!

My parents bought me a subscription to Parents magazine when I was pregnant with my first child, and I have been a subscriber ever since. Some of the best ideas I've seen about parenting have come from this magazine.

My personal favorite part of this magazine is the section called "It worked for me!" In this, regular parents send in ideas about how to cut costs, keep kids entertained on trips, potty train, you name it. Most are really inventive and are very easy to do. As someone with a somewhat weak imagination, I've gotten some great advice from this regular segment.

Another great feature of this magazine is the pull-out emergency guide. Each month they target a different "danger zone" (such as the park, the swimming pool, Christmas decorations, etc.) and print out quick tips on how to deal with any accidents that might occur. We keep these in a notebook for babysitters (and ourselves!) and they make a great reference. While they are by no means exhaustive in their detail, they give a good idea on what sorts of things to be on the look-out for when out and about and also in your home.

I also appreciate that this magazine goes more to the middle of the road in parenting methods. While I am a firm AP person (family bed, child-led weaning, no spanking, etc.), this magazine avoids any heavy biases. Since parenting style can be a touchy subject, I find this magazine to be very balanced in its presentation.

The only complaint I have about this magazine is that it seems to be geared more toward parents that stay home. The ideas offered in the articles are often very time consuming and I believe that it COULD be discouraging to moms who work outside the home. Certainly working moms can gain a lot from the magazine, but some of the ideas offered by the magazine writers (not by the readers) would require a REAL super woman to accomplish.

In general, I would recommend this magazine to anyone who is or is becoming a parent. At only nine bucks a year, I believe you will get far more than your money's worth!


A Great Gift....

Looking for a gift for expecting or new parents? Want to give the something different than anyone else? Want to give them something that will grow with their child?

How about a gift subscription to Parents Magazine? Billed as "America?s #1 Family Magazine", it would make a great gift. At 8.97 for 12 issues it is very well priced and well worth the money.

There are a lot of great articles concerning parents today. From ER visits to how to spot a sinus infection. Or how about how to handle when other parents let their kids do something you are against.

My favorite section of the magazine is "As They Grow" . It is sectioned off by age groups and focus? on topic concerning them. It runs from ages birth to 13 years old. An example of the type of articles are?.

0-12 Months: Feed your Baby Right
1 year: Don?t Bite Me
2 year: The Emotional Roller Coaster

I find this section very helpful. My children are 6 and 9.

It just seems to me this is one magazine that fits well into family life. It touches on family subjects so well. It also touches on husband/wife subjects. Such as getting libido back after having a baby. Or how to make time for one?s self.

This magazine contents 240 pages jammed packed full of helping advise and articles. Check it out for yourself.


One of my favorites

Parents, if I had to summarize it in a few words I would say it was very reader involved. There are several sections in the magazine that ask for the readers suggestions and advice.I think this type of advice from other parents is very valuable.It gives a different perspective than just doctors and so called experts. I am not saying that these experts are not valuable information givers, I just think everyday parents advice is equally important.
I subscribe to many magazines. I especially enjoy reading parenting magazines. I have learned so much by reading those.I have more than once gotten ideas or suggestions for problems I have gone through in the past with my kids.I really enjoy Parents because it seems to tackle to many areas.The majority of the magazine focuses on babies, but it does feature older kids until age 13.
I would recommend this to parents of infants.I would recommend it to parents of older kids than that, but would advise them of the content of the magazine.


For exceptional parenting

"Parents" is the parenting periodical, as far as I'm concerned. This magazine (and their sister publication, "Child") offers the most comprehensive articles on parenting and child care.

It takes you from pregnancy planning right on up to the pre-teen years with age-specific advice and information. And, if you don't need to put that type of knowledge into practice right now, what can it hurt to learn what's in store for you?

I appreciate the fact that they cover product recalls and reviews. But, more importantly, they deal with the whole child.

Articles can cover health and safety (the usual), but also the emotional and behavioral issues--how to teach values, why babies need lovies, working with teachers, working out play date conflicts and more. The relationships the magazine covers go beyond mother and child to the whole family, grandparents, alternate family situations, relationships with friends, teachers, daycare providers...the works.

I just pulled out an issue from June 1995. Some of the featured articles included:

"How 7,700 parents teach values"
"Caring for baby teeth"
"15 ways to stop yelling"
"How to rise polite kids"
"Best summer toys plus games, gear & goodies"

Unlike some magazines, this one isn't overrun by advertisements. You actually feel like you're getting your money's worth--the articles are well-written and more in-depth than other publications I've read ("American Baby," for instance).

"Parents" includes a nice mix of expert advice and personal Q&As. I've tried several of the recipes, too, and loved them. I could do without the fashion department, but at least it rarely takes up a large chunk of print.

You may not be able to imitate everything you read in "Parents" (I'm in awe of some of the birthday cake creations I've seen illustrated), but you'll always find something you can use.

I have a stack dating back to when my first daughter, now 7 years old, was just a baby. I just can't throw them away! Thank goodness, because I've found information I've needed to look up again now that I have another toddler in the house. And I still have high hopes that I'll be able to carry out that cute Easter bunny cake recipe some day.


Never Miss An Issue

Parents magazine is a highly valuable resource for parents and anyone who works with children. It has tons of information relating to all aspects of child raising and child care. I've ben a subscriber for about two years now and can honestly say I've learned something from every issue. I've got a stack of the past issues, and from time to time use them as a reference if a question or concern arises.

The articles are always informative and useful, ranging from whether pacifiers are a good idea to how to juggle work and family to potty training issues, and much, much more.

Parents always places a high concern on health and safety issues relating to children. They feature product safety recalls in every issue, vaccination updates and information, and a special advice column entitled "Dr. Nathanson On Call" where you can direct your questions to a qualified professional.

They never forget to include a section for ways to find time for yourself, which is also important. Also in every issue you'll find a growth milestone feature and a variety of advice areas for parents, including letters from the readers. The home area is addressed as well, and you can often find tips for activities and crafts for you and your child or tasty recipes.

I'm very satisfied with Parents magazine, and it is my favorite magazine relating to children. I also subscribe to American Baby, and they aren't nearly as full of information as Parents magazine is. A single issue of Parents is three times the size of American Baby.

If you're a Parent, then please don't miss out on this valuable resource.


A great reference

I subscribed to Parents magazine, through a fundraiser at my husbands school. They offered it a very very reasonable rate and I thought I would try it. I had tried a few other parenting type magazines and had not really found what I was looking for in that type of magazine.

Not only did they start my subscription right away, but they sent me back issues as well to get me started but didn't back date my start date. What I found really excited me. There is something for every parent. I really loved a lot of their ideas for activities with your children. They talk about every stage of childhood, from infancy to adolescence and even pregnancy. They devote a section to intimacy between spouses which I really found helpful in those time when it seems motherhood takes precedent.

I think my favorite feature though is the feature where they break up the age groups each month and cover something for every age group(i.e Infancy, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year 4-5years etc.) For example, maybe one month they talk about reading to your 1 year old, and then cover how to help your 2 year old share and then helping your 5 year to learn chores. That way you can flip right to the age group of your child and find out what tips the magazine may have for parents of 1 year olds that month.

They give great recipes ideas and craft ideas. I like to clip out activities that I would like to try with my son when he is older and collect them so that I won't forget about them later.

Overall, I really enjoy getting my Parents magazine every month and will continue to subscribe to it in the future. However, if you are interested in only reading about the age group of your child/children then this magazine may not be for you as they cover a lot of stages and age groups.