Reviews For Parents Magazine

A must have for all parents!

I began subscribing to this magazine when I was about 5 months pregnant. The articles were informative and entertaining, but I had a hard time relating a lot of it to anything yet. My brother and sister in law extended my subscription as a gift and I have since extended it twice for myself! Since my son's birth, I find something in each magazine that I find extremely useful. When my son was 18 months he started acting out and seemed to become very angry. The babysitter told me he was just having a few bad days, but after a week or two I was getting concerned. Just then my subscription arrived and highlighted on the cover was an article describing how children just about two got frustrated because their minds were often ahead of their vocabulary. They knew what they wanted, but couldn't express it quickly enough. This described his behavior to a T and put my mind at ease. Sure enough, his vocabulary blossomed over the next month or so and his behavior returned to "normal". A few months later a friend was telling me about her stepson who consistently dwelled on potty humor. The article highlighting 4-5 year olds focused directly on this topic! She is now pregnant and a subscriber herself! I have multiple other examples but you'd be reading forever!

Articles are beneficial also because they offer many views. I may not agree with the author, but I end up at least thinking about the issue more or from a different perspective. Parenting is a difficult, rewarding job and the more angles to consider (I feel) the better.

The magazine not only has age focused articles each month from pregnancy to age 11 or 12, it also has helpful hints, crafts and projects, and (my favorite quick section) humor entries from readers. I admit that I don't always have time to read it cover to cover, but I will be subscribing well into the distant future! I highly recommend this magazine over others -- and I've tried QUITE a few! Others seem to hinge more on advertising than content and articles - that's why I love Parents.

PS. The price is right too


10 years later, and still a favorite~

I started reading this magazine when I was pregnant with my first child, over 10 years ago. I still look forward to it coming in the mail each month, and I still have the same delight when reading it.

I have subscribed to numerous other parenting magazines, but I believe Parents Magazine to be the best there is.

Each issue is jam-packed with articles and wonderful ideas.Here are some of my favorite parts of the magazine:
- There are sections where readers can write in for advice, and other readers write in with solutions.
- There are sections written specifically for different ages and stages of your child.
- The relationship section addresses questions and concerns of relationships, how to make them better, how to handle specific problems.
- They review new products that make parenting easier.
- Easy recipes in the back of every issue, to make cooking a little easier, and less demanding on parents.

Each month comes great new parenting ideas, recipes, reviews of products, help with problems, and down to earth help with today's problems.

I have never been disappointed in any issue! I think this is a "must-have" for *any* parent!


A Wealth of Information!

I absolutely love this magazine. I first ordered it 2 months after my daughter was born. I just recently renewed my subscription, and will continue to do so for years! Parents magazine has so much information, for such a small price. They cover medical issues, discipline, crafts, family activities, travel, product reviews, nutrition, recipes and so on and so on....

My favorite section is the "As They Grow"- it breaks up the advice and information according to age group. This is usually the first section I read, even though it is in the back! This feature alone is one of the main reasons I keep each issue, as my daughter gets older, I can read the age section she is currently in.

They always have a great section on mom, whether it be about beauty, fashion, or relationships (both with husbands and girlfriends, and sometimes even other family members). I also enjoy the parent-to-parent advice section. It is interesting reading all the different viewpoints. There is a very funny section called "I Can't Believe I Did That!" Readers write in about the funny, often embarrassing things they have done. It helps to remind me that we all have those moments- just laugh and move on :-)

They review new child related products, and do periodic toy reviews. Every issue has a certain item that they let parent-reviewers try out for a period of time and then the parents state what they liked and didn't like about the item. They have reviewed strollers, high-chairs, potty training seats as well as many other things.

This magazine would make a great baby-shower gift for any soon-to-be mom, there is even information on pregnancy. I often sneak in to take a nice warm bath the night I get my Parent's magazine and I don't come out until I have had a chance to look at every page- even if briefly!



I am sure that most of you already know that I am a grandmother of 5 wonderful grandchildren! I still enjoy reading the Parents magazine because it has such good information. They have an "as they grow" section in the magazine that fits all of my grandchildren's ages except for my oldest, who will be 15 in January.

As you grow section is divided into eight sections:
Pregnancy and birth
0-12 months
One year olds
Two year olds
Three and Four year olds
Five and Six year olds
Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten year olds
Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen year olds.

There are five other sections that are good to read also. The "Health and Safety" section is one to really make you think. This month it has an Emergency Pull-out that tells us about strangulation and suffocation. I hope that no one ever has to go through that but this article does make you think about it and what you can do if it should ever happen to anyone who you know.

I also enjoy the articles and letters from parents who tell about watching their children grow. I would recommend this magazine to both parents and grandparents. I don't subscribe to this magazine at the time, but my daughter does and I read hers when she is through with it.


Chock Full of Useful Information

I have two young children and swear by the advice offered in this magazine for Parents of young children. I loved the latest October issue that had excellent ideas for Halloween. We tried quite a few, especially the "nummies" as my littlest one calls treats. I read the magazine from cover to cover (where it pertains to my age children). I always look forward to their ratings of the best toys. The 1999 picks are now available. Their health articles are very helpful as the latest medical findings are readily available. As well as, the same old nagging problems every parent deals with - ear infections, colds, etc. They have a great "ask the expert" area with help on many different subjects - medical, nutritional, behavioral, etc. There is a section where parents can help each other with the same issues that other parents might have. I like the growth and developmental area to see that your child is on track.

I save all my issues and tend to refer back to the holiday months for great craft, food and costume ideas.

This is a great magazine to start reading as an expectant parent because there is a lot on pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Not only does the magazine deal with child issues it deals with family issues, as well. And, it helps Mom with some extra beauty and shape tips, too.

Include a copy in your next gift bag to a new mom. It is a magazine that will remain on your coffee table for a while (very dog-eared) as there is bound to be an article that you will want to discuss with someone else or simply refer back to. Plus, your little ones will love looking at the pictures of the babies. Very Cute!


A parents best friend!

Upon the birth of my first child I subscribed to many different magazines to help me with the transition into parenthood. Although you don't often have a lot of time to read when you become a parent :), I really found Parents Magazine to be the best available. It is inexpensive, and has the most useful articles for any age. They cover each age range from Pregnancy to pre-teen, so after I have read the articles that are appropriate for my household I file them away for future reference. They also have great "Question and Answer" articles which help immensely. There are also photo contests and a funny article where you can write in little hairy predicaments you've found yourself in since becoming a parent. In many magazines you have more ads than articles but that isn't the case with Parents.
I have used this magazine as a guide and have since dropped all my other subscriptions for parenting magazines. My husband and I both enjoy reading all the articles, and I say it's a must for any parent out there!


Parents Answers Your Questions

I have been a subscriber to Parents magazine since my first child was born nine years ago. The magazine has only gotten better over these years. Each month, it contains timely articles related to child-rearing (potty-training, sleep problems, nutrition advice), family relationships (sibling problems, parental burnout, vacation profiles, etc.), and family health issues. Several "ask-the-expert" columns address my own questions each month.

However, my favorite section of Parents is the age-level section. Each month features at least one article pertinent to my child's specific developmental level, even including pregnancy.

When I had my second child after a seven break from childbirth, the magazine was invaluable in addressing my pregnancy questions and refreshing my memory on the baby stuff! I anticipate being a faithful Parents subscriber at least until my baby reaches the teen years!


Great bedtime reading for Moms AND Dads

Parents magazine is a monthly magazine that focuses on raising your children from pregnancy to 13 years. My wife and I are expecting a child in a few months so we subscribed to Parents and Child magazine. We hoped that with both of us reading two magazines, we'd get double the parenting knowledge that we sorely lacked.

I love Parents magazine. Usually I read it at night before bed and can't get enough of the articles. Recently there have been subjects such as Science Fun, Insect Bites, and Power Drinks for Kids. There are always a wide variety of subjects to read up on, and usually something that pertains to children of every age.

Every issue has a Q&A on childrens behavior, a manners column, and a Parent of the Month. The best part of the magazine though is the separate table of contents that divides articles by the age of your child. It has been nice to go straight to the pregnancy and early years articles first, then skim through the older ages(which I'm sure I'll need later). There is a section on food that you can make that will help your child have fun during meals, and ways to make healthy treats.

The one thing that Parents magazine has, where Child magazine is lacking, is articles for dads. In a recent issue this magazine had an article on domestic dads, and emotional help for new dads. This was great information for me since I know nothing about being a parent.

The magazine is great and the only complaint I have is the amount of advertising, I feel like I'm looking at my wife's Vogue or something, it's full of advertising. Still it is a small price to pay.


The instruction magazine for you

I subscribed to this magazine the minute my first daughter was born. It has been a great source of information for me because I felt like I needed an instruction manual when she was born and released from the hospital with me but there was no such thing. It was all hands-in for Mom.

The magazine cover is very attractive and you can tell just by looking at it and reading the topics there is something there that will interest you. Many times I've just glanced and it and couldn't help but open the magazine and look at the article. The areas on childrens health have been most helpful in regards to ear infections, fevers, or diarrhea and dehydration. It's the best medical resource available.

The magazine is brilliantly written. It covers many areas of child rearing including a month by month guide on your childs development, recipes, stories of success or sadness with a child, childrens toys or products are often featured, medical questions like ear infections or runny noses. I could go on and on but you get the picture. Speaking of pictures, the babies pictured in this magazine are always so cute. They are so sweetly dressed too and that helps in styling your child since they do include the stores where the babies outfits came from.

This is a wonderful magazine for the first time parent or, like me the 3rd time parent. Yes, after 5 years I still subscribe. It really is that wonderful.


Wonderful Magazine!

I have subscribed to Parents magazine since I was pregnant. I love this magazine! It has so much information on pregnancy and raising children of all ages!

Parents magazine has many different articles to interest everyone. Some are including Parental Guidance, Work & Family news, and good manners are a few. There have been many different articles that I have cut out just to save in a reference folder to look back upon when my child goes through a specific stage, like tantrums.

One of my favorite sections is the How they grow. I love reading this article because it always tells me what is going on in my baby's mind, and how they are developing. It offers help in ways to communicate with your baby and understand them. It gives suggestions on stimulating your baby, and what you can do to help them develop mentally and physically.

Not only do they offer advice on raising children, they offer advice on working out, and marital changes that a family may be experiencing.

I love the homestyle recipes they give us, and the most interesting suggestions and ideas for fun treat for the kids. I have made many of the recipes and my family and I have loved them.

This magazine will be on my subscription list for as long as I have children, and possibly longer!