Reviews For Parents Magazine

Informative and enjoyable

I've been getting this magazine for about 3 years now, and really enjoy it. There are always articles that apply to my son. The crafts are interesting, and I LOVE their toy recommendations!! I also really enjoy their GoodyBlog online. It's basically the magazine that is updated daily! I recommend this to all my new mommy friends when they are expecting.

Entertaining and Useful

My wife and I have found this magazine to be both entertaining and educational. It always helps to see what other parents have done in certain situations to better prepare you for yours. The articles provide some wonderful information that is useful in everyday life. We would recommend this to all new parents.

Good resource

Good practical information--I say that as a mom and a teacher.

Nice Mag

Great magazine for families. Chock full of info on all sorts of baby/toddler related issues.

Wealth of Information

Subscribed because it was so cheap and thought maybe we could find some information raising our five year old. Surprised that it has so much great information. And for this price? Would recommend it to all parents.

Good magazine

I really like Parents magzine. I've also read Cookie and Parenting, but like this one the best.

Deja Vu!!

I know all you new moms out there think this is the bible of parenting magazines. It's good for the first child, but then save your money, because all the articles tend to start sounding the same.

I've been getting Parents magazine for 11 years. With each new baby someone thought it would be a good idea to renew my subscription. I appreciate the gifts, but this and those shopping cart buddies are things I never used.

I mean how many times to I need to read about the wonder of every inch of my newborn, an encapsulation of baby's first year and milestones, what birth order means, facts about circumcision, sex before and after pregnancy? In my opinion, each month it feels like I have seen this issue before with a different babies picture on the cover. I feel like they have a pool of 100 article ideas they have to use each year, and just rotate the month and order. Parents magazine was informative before and after baby number one, but by number four I felt I could write half those articles, and the other half were so far off base that they were funny.

What makes me laugh the most about all of these articles is generally they always have the same slant. there is no new insight or change of opinion. The one thing I find really funny looking back at from all these 11 years is that when my first was born in '89 all doctors and articles insisted you put your baby on their stomach to sleep until they can roll over. In '93 when my next came along it was on the side. That stayed the same in '95 with the next. In '97 with the last the word was sleep the baby on her back. I wonder if it is still the same now.

Like I said this is good to read before and after baby number one. But by number two and so on I think you know as much if not more than the people at Parents. Overall it's a good magazine, they just need to add some new articles.


Influenced by Ads

In general, I enjoy Parents Magazine. Someone gave me a gift subscription and I do find a lot of useful information about developmental stages. However, I also find a lot of things that disturb me. There seems to be a large advertising influence on the articles themselves. I sometimes have trouble telling the difference between the articles and the ads because the articles are so full of product plugs.

I also am frequently displeased with the breastfeeding advice given. At times it is outright wrong and dangerously so. Other times it's simply misleading or seems influenced more by baby food manufacturers than the American Academy of Pediatrics.

As a stay at home mom I'm not sure that this magazine really meets my needs. It seems to be geared more towards women who work outside the home and have their children in day-care. This doesn't make it bad, it just makes it "not for me."

Although I like a lot of the child development articles I feel that this information is available through other sources and I would probably be better off reading one of the less ad-driven parenting magazines such as Mothering.


Great for First Time Parents

I subscribed to Parents for two years after I had my first child. The articles were unbiased and they had a wide variety of writers. The activities and recipes were original and creative.

I liked this magazine better overall than any other mainstream parenting magazine as a resource. But after a while the parenting articles seemed to be repeating themselves, although with a different author. So a long term subscription wasn't worth it.

Overall I would recommend this magazine for first time parents. To get more in-depth parenting and family related articles, there are better magazines out there(such as Mothering).


Parents gets the thumb up

Parents magazine in my view is a great read. They cover every age group and most every topic.
I have been reading parents for about 2 years now, I look forward to every month when a new issue comes out.
They tell some tips, as a parent everyone needs. How to's and how not to's In most articles they have to different experts with 2 different views so you can choose where you stand on an issue without worrying if it is the right thing to do or not.
there are a few monthly articles I look forward to, like "I cant believe i did that" just readers stories on first time experiance that they wish they handled differently. its a bit of humor that we all need
I have noticed recently though that many issues are repeating, so maybe just a year or two subscription is all you really need