Reviews For Parents Magazine

PARENTS is the best magazine I can find in my doc's office!

Note: We have no children. I am always looking for articles that, had they been available when I was growing up, would have saved my parents high volume angst. This magazine consistently does the job. I am always looking for ideal gifts for new parents, or combined families. PARENTS gift subscription is always popular!! I wish that Dr. Spock had access to these articles yrs.ago. Even readers'feedback notes are worthwhile.


Great magazine. I'm only 21 and have a little while left before I start a family, but I really enjoy reading this magazine. I've learned a lot that I will use both in my own future family and in babysitting and child care in the meantime!

Worth the price!

Subscribed to PARENTS magazine for a year to be sent to my daughter who is expecting in June. IF the magazine is the same as it was 25 yrs ago, she is going to apply alot of what she reads in the articles. Those aritcles helped me raise two wonderful daughters! Great Magazine for a mom who has children. I had time to read them cover to cover because I was a stay-at-home mom for ten yrs. In hinesight I would not have done any different then stay at home where I was able to enjoy my children that I bore....

Parents is a good magazine!

I really love this magazine because it has parenting articiles in it!

Every parent should read this magazine! Really good activites and advice.

Parents Baby

Parents Baby is a magazine which was born from, of course, Parents. This helpful guide for "bringing up baby" is given to new mothers at the hospital after delivery. It introduces her to every stage of caring for her baby. Not only does it give her something to do during her hospital stay (in between visitors and admiring her precious newborn), but it gives such wonderful detailed advice on so many topics.

There are articles written or co-written by both doctors and experienced mothers covering a variety of topics. How to bathe your baby, the proper installation of a car seat, which games babies love to play, breastfeeding, and when to start a baby on solid foods.

Also included are articles meant to promote confidence and combat the worry that some new mothers may have over certain aspects of their infant. For example, skin discolorations, dryness, and bumps...the writers explain what these things are, that they are normal and will go away soon enough.

I do believe, however, that this magazine is meant for brand new mothers. Ones that are having their first baby, or maybe even those who have, but not for quite a few years and would like some refreshment on certain aspects of newborn care. Mothers who have already experienced the joys of infant care would be best served by an issue of Parents.

As a mother of three, I had to disagree with some of their advice. Not to say that it wasn't the best advice that could be given to a parent who may have questions on when to feed their infant cereal or other solid foods, which juices are best and so on. Those of us who have been through this a couple of times already have our set pattern of when we will begin these things. I wouldn't be surprised if there are quite a few others, besides myself, who would notice a considerable difference in the instructions/suggestions given and when they undertook the introduction of new food items to their children.

I must again say that I do believe that this is a wonderful magazine, perfect for the brand new parents. It will help them make informed and confident decisions concerning their child. It will also help them to do everything necessary to keep their baby safe and healthy.

For those of you who are pregnant for the first time, don't just read it...listen to what it says. And for those of you who, like me, have already adapted to our way of taking care of our newborns, there are many enjoyable articles that will have you subscribing to this magazine's original publication. Don't worry....there are subscription cards right inside!


Good Magazine for Mainstream Parents

Parents magazine is one of many parenting magazines I am subscribed to. I like the product reviews, although some of the products reviewed are out of my price range, and the "As They Grow" section. I really like the Pullout Emergency Guides and recipes in each issue.
One of my complaints is that the magazine seems to be geared to the upper-middle class and seems to assume you live in a household where both parents work. I would also like to see them discuss cloth diapers and the pros and cons of co-sleeping in more detail. It would be nice to give new parents and parents to be more information on those subjects so they can make a well informed choice about what would be best for them.
All in all though, this is a good magazine for those parents in the "mainstream" of parenting styles. If you are or plan to practice attachment parenting with your children I would recommend buying a few issues before subscribing.


Every issue is a winner

I started subscribing to Parents Magazine when I was pregnant with my first child, because I remembered that my own mother used to subscribe to it at least 30 years ago. I had no idea then that it would be as good as it is. I look forward to each new issue with eager anticipation.

I read it from cover to cover, starting with the Letters to the Editor, right through to the classifieds at the end. Some of my favorite features are the columns with helpful tips from other Parents readers, and the funny stories about embarrassing moments. But I also enjoy the feature articles that appear on topics such as breastfeeding, child safety, bedtime rituals, and so on. I love to cook and collect recipes, so I also enjoy the cooking features, particularly the ones with recipes that may appeal to toddlers and picky eaters.

Although I value opinions from parenting experts, found in magazines and elsewhere, I take exception with the number of articles found in Parents Magazine that devalue spanking as a form of child discipline. The area of discipline is the only feature of this magazine that I usually disregard, since I am a reasonable parent who applies various discipline techniques, not just spanking.

But overall, this magazine is one that I would recommend to any new or expectant parent as a valuable tool in caring for and dealing with their children. I expect to be a subscriber for years to come.



I've had a subscription to Parents Magazine since I was pregnant with my first child and let me tell you, it has been a lifesaver!!! I have gotten tips on raising her, safety tips, recipes. I think my favorite articles though are those on discipline. She's a tough kid to discipline, she's very sensitive and I've gotten so many great tips on easy discipline. I also like the Dad section, I always have my husband read that part. I will NEVER give up my subscription to Parents magazine!!! The price is well worth it as it has articles for older children too. And we all know that it doesn't get easier to raise children as they get older. I look forward to looking back on my old issues for help with raising my youngest who is extremely hotheaded and stubborn!!!


3 years and running

I have been a subscriber to Parents for 3 years now going on four. I started getting this magazine after my oldest daughter Erin was discharged from the hospital after being in the NICU for 75 days. I had been a primary care giver for her there but was frightened by being on my own once she was home. So I turned to Parents for help.
Over the years I have found many useful pieces of advice and great articles. Now that I have given birth to a full term baby it has been even more helpful. I do find that many topics are repeated every few months such as discipline and potty training. While these have been of great benefit to me I wish that they were not written about as often.
They have recently started writing about preemies which I love. Every now and again I also find topics such as fathers, single moms, ect. I wish that more are to come. I think that the world has changed greatly in how a family and parents are structured that maybe it is time that Parents catches up.
If you are looking for good common sense advice buy Parents. If you are hoping that it will always address issues that are important to you than don't subscribe. Just buy the ones that catch your eye.


Makes a Great Gift!

I subscribe to more magazines than a woman should be allowed to, but a friend actually placed my first subscription order to Parents Magazine. It was a shower gift that I started receiving a few months before my baby was born. It made such an impression that I have often returned the favor to other expectant parents.

Parents is full of useful information for all stages of the parenting game. I also subscribe to Child and Parenting, but find Parents to be more diversified, bigger, and less repetitive. I enjoy Child and Parenting, but if I were limited to ONE parenting magazine, I'd choose Parents.

At the start of my parenting journey, I found the articles on nursing and infant sleep patterns to be particularly helpful. I've enjoyed learning about baby products, new books, travel tips, nutrition facts, health alerts, and many other informative topics from Parents.

Sometimes light on articles dealing with stay-at-home parenting, Parents does its best to deal with parenting decisions even handedly. Although as a SAHM, I would appreciate more "how-to" articles for SAHM like those directed at outside the home working parents. Currently, many of the SAH parenting articles are "feature" type articles lauding parents who have decided to stay at home or work from home.

Overall, for your magazine dollar, Parents is the ONE!