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PARENTS continues to be a "staple" in my home and has been since my son's birth. My son is now ten years old and I still refer to it often. Though much of it is geared towards parents of infants and younger children, it contains many articles that also apply to older children including articles on personality development, raising a "moral" child, teaching your children to say "NO!" to drugs/alcohol/ and smoking, etc. My favorite issue every year is the September "Back to School" issue. It always contains recipes and helps you make the transition from summertime fun to back to school a little smoother for your child. I used to buy all of the parent type magazines and the others are geared ONLY towards smaller children. PARENTS magazine ALWAYS beat the others hands down!!!!!


A great magazine.

I really enjoy subscribing to this magazine. I am a new parent with a three month old son, and it is reassuring to have a resource I can turn to for advice. One of the reasons I like it is because it covers a wide range of topics. There are many articles on children throughout all the developmental stages, but there are also articles on spousal relationships. One part of the magazine that I enjoy is a section that appears in every issue that covers issues about kids by their age, so there is always something of relevance to you. And the price is great too.


Parents Magazine Review

I've enjoyed reading Parents Magazine for several years now. It covers a diverse number of issues. Naturally it covers issues related to parenting such as getting babies to sleep, feeding problems, health issues, safety, cooking and home tips but it has some additional unexpected features that I enjoy. One is that there is a children's story in each issue. The story is complete with full page illustrations suitable for reading with your child. Another is a column about business ventures that mother's run from their home. This column is well organized stating the amount of investment and time needed as well as how much to expect to earn. One criticism I have is that the magazine is heavily weighted towards parents of preschool children.


Parents Review

I subscribe to this magazine, because I feel it's important for all parents, no matter what kind of family you are in...provides insightful information, tips on child rearing, wonderful games and crafts to do together with your kids....the list could go on and on. I am VERY satisfied with this wonderful magazine! Sooo many wonderful attributes to it....I wouldn't want to go on parenting without this wonderful, wonderful magazine. An asset to all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended relatives, shoot, anyone! Great, great, great, great magazine!!!! What would life without Parents Magazine be like??? Hmmm..maybe worse than death? Maybe like getting a root canal without anesthetic? Maybe like having every bone in your body slowly broken, one by one? LOL Umm...kidding, lol. Just a superb magazine. :o)


the best of parenting magazines

I have a subscription to four different parenting and baby magazines: Parents, Parenting, Babytalk, and American Baby. This is my favorite. I seems to be the most informative and the topics are presented in Parents long before Parenting every gets around to it. For example, Parents had a indepth article on new discoveries in miscarriages and the following month parenting ran a similar article, but was not as informative and obviously was a steal from Parents. There are also great contest. There are also topics that parents can send in comments about and actually get paid for them if published. All I can say is that this is the only magazine I need and will not be renewing the others.

If you have a child, this is the mag for you!

Parents breaks out articles and product reviews by different age groups so it grows with you and your child. Great ideas for both family and individuals, including timely articles on the benefits/disadvantages of immunizations, sleep, schedules, meals, birthday party ideas by age, best toys, best products (car seats, strollers), etc. One of my favorite sections has different parents comparing products and writing candid reviews about these products. I highly recommend Parents magazines for both pregnant women as well as parents (new and experienced).

A must have especally for first time mom!!!!l

Parents is one of the Parenting magazine that I subscribed and it is the best of all. It has a lot of articles regarding different issues about your baby like health, social, medical, developmental, best buy toys, baby furniture, scoller...
There is always several article that I'm interest in!
It is a must have reference for a first time mom!!!

Great Magazine

I really enjoyed my subscription to Parents Magazine while I was pregnant and during the first year of our daughter life. I liked the product recalls...found it very helpful. I now buy it at the store when I am wanting a magazine. There is things I think they should change with this magazine but overall it is worth buying.
Great gift if you know a new mommy that isn't already getting this in the mail.

I love this magazine

I have subscribed to a number of different parenting magazines over the years and this has always been my favorite. I think their picture quality is superior to other magazines, and I've always found their articles to be well-written and interesting.

Purchased for my daughter

Purchased Parents Magazine for my daughter who has a 9 month old son. I was concerned about the length of time to get the subscription and how to follow up if it didn't come at all. The magazine came within 30 days and she is enjoying the subscription already.