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O the Oprah Magazine

Oprah magazine, is fresh, current and covers a variety of subjects that does not leave the reader bored. If anything O magazine, is thought provoking because it enriches our lives and helps us improve it.
I will be a permanent subscriber.

Lots Of Pages. Lots A Reading.

Ive Been A Subscriber From Day One, When O Was First Premiered To Publication. This Is Truly One Of A Kind Magazine. I Look Forward to Reading It Each & Every Month. My Favorite Sections Of The Magazine Are: The Questions & Answers From "Susie Oman" And "What I Know For Sure" I Will Be Renewing This Magazine, For As Long As It Stays Around.


The Oprah Magazine covers a lot of important topics but also has lots of glitzy ads that may not cater to older readers and the products advertised are pretty expensive.

O! The Oprah Magazine

My wife loves to read the Oprah Magazine. It is a very content-rich magazine and has a good balance of human interest and self-help articles.

A Lobby Must Have!

I bought a subscription to O to put in my lobby at work. It is full of good clean information that keeps visitors satisfied while they wait.

Magazine for Readers

"O" Magazine might have its quirky idiosyncrasies (like the fact the Oprah appears on every cover), but that aside, this is a phenomenal publication that I am near giddy over each month when it arrives in my mailbox. (In fact I have to discipline myself to not buy it at the grocery store when it is there a week before I get mine!)
This is a magazine for readers, book lovers, thinkers, and people STRIVING to be more mentally and spiritually healthy/balanced. I USUALLY (I was going to say "often", but it is more often than that) find reason to laugh out loud and also shed tears in each & every issue issue. I love it so much personally, that I want everyone to enjoy it and find myself moved to give a subscription as a gift (which this particular 2 year subscription was).

great read

O continues to be a well written, informative yet entertaining view of the world and who is in it.
I highly reccoment this magazine for the casual reader

kenneth Haft

Is there much to say? I love it

I love the magazine. Not much else to say. I mean it's an incredible magazine.

So much fun & interesting.

The Oprah Mag offers you advice, recipes, wonderful articles and handy hints. In a short sentence,I would say, "GET A SUBSCRIPTION," you will not be sorry! Give one as a gift for the holidays.

Oprah Continues to WOW

O, The Oprah Magazine, is a woman's magazine that crosses all ages and ethnic groups. The articles are contemporary and fitting today's women. It gives reviews of books, clothing and professionals' opinions of a wide range of topics. Go Oprah--continue to reach ALL women.