Reviews For O The Oprah Magazine

Excellent choice/transaction

This is an excellent magazine and one I have looked forward to having a subscription for. Articles are varried and informative.

Great magazine!

I love this magazine; it's the perfect blend of food for thought, stories for the soul and fun fashion talk.

Oprah has inspired me quite a bit

Actually, I had meant to subscribe a very long time ago - but was caught up in school studying now that I have graduated I will have some time to go over the magazines I subscribe to which is not very many (4). However, Oprah is read and watched by many who does not even live in this country. After I am finished with all my magazines I ship them in a barrel to the Caribbean (GUYANA) and my family and friends really do enjoy and also treasure them. If I return to Guyana in about 5 years they can show me that they have kept the magazines in a plastic bag to pass unto other family and friends. So please keep up the good work and may you have the time of your life. One Love.

Patricia December


The Oprah magazine is one of the most impressive, relative to everything presented in such good taste. The articles are interesting, but the most interesting to me is all the ads, the composition is the best I have ever seen in any magazine. I particularly enjoy looking at all the fantastic ads.

Anne Cleveland

A Great Monthly Read

I've subscribed to O for ages now. I love it. It's my favorite monthly read. Each month you can read stories and laugh, cry, feel humbled, debate, it really gives you something to think about each month too. Despite the normal extensive advertising, it really is a unique magazine with great articles.

Great Gift Idea!!

My grandmother loves her some Oprah & is a fan of the magazine, but would never buy a subscription for herself. I fixed that by getting a 2yr subscription for Christmas =).

O is the best Magazine ever

O covers everything fashion, fitness, health, relationships, money.... wow I am so amazed at the wealth of information in this magazine. I've already given one away because I had to pass it on to my friend as he was getting on the plane. I told her that she would find something in there for her no matter what her circumstance.

positive feedback

I was so pleased with the price opportunity to purchase the "O" magazine!!! The magazine is timely and the articles apply to all
age groups. They're insiteful and informative. Especially like the
entertainment/recipe sections.

This reduced price allows me an opportunity to enjoy the subscription and determine if I'll purchase it at full price in
the future.

Fabulous magazine

This is an informative and entertaining magazine. I always have to read the entire magazine on the day I get it. Please keep up the good work in publishing such interesting articles and useful information.

Mother Oprah's Present

Oprah Winfree is the aunt/elder sister/spiritual motherly figure we all wish to have in our closest family. She wants to give us a boost toward the experiences and knowledge that make us healthy, wealthy, and wise. She enjoys our success and keeps looking for new things to increase our well-being. Our joy is her joy, and we celebrate mutual accomplishment together. She respects our intelligence and protects our integrity. All in a well-made, glossy magazine for a price that everyone can afford, a monthly treat that comes right to our houses. Of the items she shows us, some we can afford to own and some only she can own. That way she welcomes us into her world and spends her time with us in ours. She takes us on outings and introduces us to delightful people we would not otherwise meet without her. The pictures of her pets are so lively that we can feel their wiggles, snuffles, and deep cuddly fur. Thanks, sister.