Reviews For O The Oprah Magazine

O Magazine rocks!

I really love O Magazine - it always has great articles and the color photos are excellent quality. Makes for a great gift!!

Beautiful and Well Written

If you love a magazine that is gorgeous and filled with beautiful, intelligent, entertaining, and informing articles that you can savor for a full month, then you will love Oprah Magazine!


Interesting and current topics to help through economical challanged times. Love the unique items at the O store. Great magazine for total growth and fulfilment.

The best

I have been a subscriber for about 5 years and have enjoyed every single issue. Oprah has it all!

O Magazine

Just as advertised - if you like Oprah and her guests you will love this magazine.

A magazine with a positive outlook

The best thing about Oprah's magazine, like her show, is that it has an eternally positive outlook and is always looking for ways to improve things, whether it be an issue like world hunger or just finding a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes. It's one of those magazines that makes me feel good when I read it. There are articles on clothing, relationships, decorating, food, beauty tips, dieting, sex, health and exercise, food, books, interesting people and more. The articles provide quite a bit more depth than most women's magazines and I find them more relevant.

I'm a 60 year old woman and the magazine always has several articles that I'm interested in reading.

Best magazine for women

I have had a subscription to O for the last two years and it is always a pleasure to get the monthly issue because its contents are interesting, varied and entertaining. After I read it I pass it along to the female members of my family who read English and they also enjoy it regardless of their age group.

Great Deal

I bought subscription for my Aunt. It was a very good price for a two year subscription.

o review

I was very happy to find such a great deal on one of my favorite magazines. I can't believe I have gotten two issues so soon.

The Oprah Magazine

Such a good offer, that I ordered the Oprah Magazine for my wife, but I'm finding a lot of good things that I want to read, too. I'm pleasantly surprised there is so much of such high quality in a "woman's" magazine.