Reviews For O The Oprah Magazine

O !

Oprah's magazine. What a beautiful and well put together magazine. Glossy, interesting and no ad cards getting in the way. Actually there were two, but they were samples of scents. The size of it is wider and not as thick, making it easier to stay open. I really enjoy it.

you get what you expect

Having bought a few copies at the checkout, I knew what I was getting. Enjoying the January issue already (late December) and look forward to coming months.

oprah magazine

i love this magazine! this is one publication that makes you feel uplifted after you read it. I would definately buy it again.

Great magazine, I read it cover to cover.

I love this magazine, which is why I gave a subscription as a gift. I never throw the magazine away. I always pass it on to someone because there is always an article inside that this friend or that one wants to read.

O Magazine

Two year subscription to O- Oprah magazine. This was the best price I could find anywhere and it was delivered promptly!

Great Magazine!

O Magazine is a real class act publication. But Ms O would not have it any other way. Its articles are great and the layout and ads are gorgeous. Thanks for a worthwhile read every month!

Can't miss!

I have to admit, I signed up because of the great deal. The Oprah magazine has been a great investment. It is real stuff to apply to every day situations. I'm greatly impressed with all facets of the magazine. From products, to clothing trends, to valuable information on staying healthy.

Intelligent, Inspirational, and Chic

What I love most about O is what sets it apart from other magazines for women; it is intelligently written for women who want to read stimulating articles. O doesn't focus on how a woman should look and act to attract a man (too many of today's magazines dwell on that), but on relevant social issues, personal and spiritual growth, fashion and media. O addresses the usual genres, but in a superior way. I look forward to enjoying each new issue curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine. Highly recommended!

Wonderful Gift

I purchased this subscription as a gift for my sister who has "Everything". She has been delighted. She describes it as a high quality magazine with interresting and inspirational articles.

Awesome Magazine

I would recommend this magazine...great stories and new & exciting information. Worth the money