Reviews For O The Oprah Magazine

Can we change the cover?

I like the magazine format and features because I like Oprah and her shows and her philosophy of life and of entertainment. The articles are short and to the point and varied; you don't need hours to finish an article to get the idea. The magazine is glossy and entertaining posing also some interesting thought provoking questions. Some of it also invites you to reflect on some serious issues. The one thing that turns me off however, is that it features Oprah on every cover. It seems a bit self indulgent and self adoring. It doesn't go with what she appears to personify on her shows and public persona.

Great Magazine!!

Great magazine for reading anytime. My only complaint is
the font is a bit small and makes it harder to read
in train or in the Gym.

Better than average magazine

Enjoyed seeing it in my mailbox when I got home but not the one I took in the bath with me.

Content Rich

Oprah magazine is a great read - and really speaks to me as a woman over 45. Well written - with good advice, good articles and good layout. My big pet peeve these days are magazines with distracting lay-outs/small fonts/type/ and articles that are not relevant to my life experiences. Oprah mag gives you lots to read and consider! :-) Worth every cent of subscription price.

All my friends love it!!

My Oprah magazine goes through about 8 of my friends and their families, passed from one to another. They all enjoy it as much as I do. We laugh about how much mileage we can get from one magazine.

Interesting and Informative

Great magazine full of timely articles that help you lead a better life. Informative and lively, and right on the button it seems to me. I enjoy it and look forward to each issue.

Oprah Magazine: Great Ideas

The magazine will mention "little things," like useful websites, you don't learn about elsewhere. I actually like the "little" features better than the main stories.

Just received my first issue!

Love this magazine. It is full of helpful information about every topic you've been wondering about and probably a few you haven't even thought of yet!

This one came with a list of 'can't put down books' for summertime reading. Also some new easy hairstyles, information on tanning creams and lots of other interesting items.

This is a great magazine.

it's Oprah !!!

can't go wrong with Oprah.great magazine. wish it wasn't so high end,i mean who can afford to shop at these featured store/brands...wish there was more info/fashion for common folks.

Good Magazine

Has info you don't find elsewhere. Wish it was a little cheaper though.