Reviews For O The Oprah Magazine

Excellent Reading Material

I share this mag with my friends. The articles are right on with my lifestyle.

"O" my goodness what a great maganzine!!

if oprah made a magazine and it wasn't that good i would still read it but luckily she writes a great magazine and it is called O. oprah helps starving kids eat and crippled kids walk and that is the kind of neat stuff she puts in her magazine. i have to hide my copies of miss whinfrey's magazine because my brother takes them and tears them up because does not know how great a magazine it is right fellow oprah's magaine readsers???!!! if you want to learn to be a millionairrre with pretty dogs and have lots of people come to chicago to see you you will learn how in this magazine.

It's as good as you think

If you like Oprah, you'll like this magazine. I got it for my birthday, then gave it for Christmas. There are wonderful articles with practical insights and advice. Loads of advertising space, but isn't that how the television show is?


Oprah is so wonderful and I will always be enthusiastic getting her mag in the mail.

Spot On!

Ideal present for a lady whose interest you are hoping to attract.

The Oprah Magazine

This magazine is wonderful.

It gives me information on fashion, cooking, furniture, etc.

This is the best magazine that is perfect for any woman

Always interesting and fun!

I like this magazine. I was stranded one night in a hotel with no reading material except an issue of this magazine. After thoroughly reading it cover to cover I was hooked.

Motivates and Inspires You To Better Things

Oprah is living testimony that you have to constantly strive to become a better person. There is no quick remedy to become a better and positive person, and instead you have to constantly work at it. Of course, we don't have Oprah's wealth and support system to help us, but what we do have is this magazine. This is a great self-help magazine.

In today's world where we are constantly strapped for time, and our attention span cannot last more than 5 minutes, this is a great magazine to read and imbine motivation and inspiration.

What makes this magazine a little different from others is that it has examples of real people that you and I can relate to. What I find very interesting is the last page where Oprah pens her thoughts, and reveals her inner-feelings. I remember that in one of the issues Oprah mentions that even though she can afford to buy lots of clothes, she still stops and asks herself if she needs to buy this new piece of clothing. You instantly know that Oprah does not believe in squandering away her wealth, but is careful but how she spends it.

O Magazine

This magazine has lot of good stories and tips. Easy layout to the magazine as well.

better than expected

The first few pages are nothing but ads. But there are several good articles. I would reorder this magazine.