Reviews For O The Oprah Magazine

Opera for president

I love Oprah and her show but the magazine is SOOOOOO full of advertisements that it has lost me a bit. There is not much content to the magazine. If you aren't interested in the few main articles that month. There is not much there.

Mother's Day gift

I bought a subscription to 0 Magazine for my mom on Mother's Day. She really enjoys it

what is at issue ?

I always read the bad reviews first, to know the other side of the hype. But this time I found that none of those reviews that give only one star is on the magazine itself, but they all are complaining matters of delivery. While I can feel that those revievers are angry, they definitely are not revieving the magazine itself for its qualities, but the delivery process, which is not the same. It's like saying that Shakespeare is a bad author because the book with his dramas did not arrive in time. It's ridiculous, but the editor is to blame for this.

good articles and book reviews

O features good articles for those looking for quick, interesting reading.

Sure there are lots of featured products that are quite expensive, but reading this magazine is a nice diversion at the end of a long day or week. It's visually appealing and often features interesting quotes.

The book reviews are generally right on, so I trust the recommendations.

Hey My Wife Likes It!

This was a gift for my wife. She's a big fan so it was a big hit. Order this mid Dec and was able to get the Jan issue in the middle of Jan after it was already out on newstands, so we'll have to see if it comes earlier in future months.


Oprah seems to rule the world... (or at least the female half of it)... so if you are a woman or know one, this would likely be a wise purchase! ; )

Late delivery

I bought this subscription for my wife and she enjoys the magazine, but so far each issue is delivered long after it is available in stores.

Too many adds

Now I know why Oprah has so much money! All the advertisements in her magazines! It is literally flooded, and it's hard to find the next article.


It's an ok magazine. It was a good price when I purchased it. It does take a long time for the 1st magazine to arrive.

still waiting

haven't gotten the first issue yet. I'm sure that I'll like the product when I do