Reviews For O The Oprah Magazine

O... as in Oy Vey

I've never really, truly hated a magazine before, but this is it. You go to all kinds of trouble to go past the dizzying array of ads to find the one article snuggled in between, and it's either horribly skewed/one sided, poorly researched, or just darn boring. I'd flip through it between the mailbox and the side door to the house, then throw it away as soon as I got in the door. Save a tree and avoid this lousy mag.

I have NOT received my orders yet. This is unacceptable.

I ordered two of these subscriptions on DEC 1, and neither have been delivered. I purchased these as Christmas gifts, and find this delay (if that's what it is) completely unacceptable. I rated this with ONE STAR only because it would not permit me to rate it ZERO STARS. That would be a more accurate option.

Where is it?

I'm sure it will be great when it show's up, but as of January 17 there's no sign of it.

just okay

mag not all that good. not even good enough to go through a second time as I usually do with mags.

Oprah magazine

Made a big mistake by renewing this way.
I had hoped to renew my subscription and a gift subscription, both for one year. The company ended up just renewing my subscription for TWO years. I won't make this mistake again.

Oprah Magazine = Waste of Money

Overpriced material items, too many ads, and unoriginal ideas round out this magazine.

I wouldn't even read it for free, unless I were in the doctor's office for at least two hours and read everything else first.

Not that great a magazine

Hard to recommend. Way too much advertising. Content wasnt all that interesting to me.

Caution: Never received a single issue

Just a caution: I ordered this 3 months ago and haven't seen a single issue yet. Magazine debited my account right away, but failed to show the same diligence in sending the product. Stay away unless you can afford to lose your money.

Can we just rename the planet after her and get it over with?

Magazine is totally useless, waste of time for anyone with an IQ over a hundred. She is constantly giving an undertone of being a racist. It is so subtle that the do gooders who follow her miss it. They continue to let her degrade them. She is just sharp enough to know what the public wants and she attaches her name to it! Take her self appointed importance with a very small grain of salt! She is smooth and subtle in her tactics and knows exactly what she is doing. Frankly I can't take another smug, narcissist woman lecturing me ad nauseum about my shortcomings.


I have had enough of Oprah, she has earned billions on how women should raise the glass ceiling, how we can beat men and now that Sarah Palin in running for VP she said she won't interview her becuase it's political. When Obama was on her show, uh that wasn't political??? I won't be purchasing her magazine anymore