Reviews For O The Oprah Magazine

Great Price

I gave this subscription as a gift. The price was excellent, and I am sure the recipient will love the magazine.

Good Deal/Fast Delivery

Bought this for my wife, who often buys this magazine at the grocery store (at full price). Very pleased with price of subscription. 1st magazine arrived approximately 4 weeks after ordering.

Mom loves it

My mother normally buys Entertainment magazines so I was a little hesitant. I bought a copy off the shelf and I think 3/4 of the magazine were issues we had discussed - so I went for it. She got her first issue last week and absolutely loves it. She said it has been a long time since she looked at a magazine that look her more than 30 minutes to get through. She seems to have really enjoyed it and is looking forward to the next issue, so I give it an A+.

Excellent Resource!

This is my 5th year of having O magazine and have found the articles, recipes, health tips, and topics helpful and uplifting. I have made many changes in my life whether financial or health related that have benefitted me just by reading and implementing the tips and suggestions from O magazine. I have even used some of the articles in the lessons that I teach at my school. O magazine gives me my Aha Moment! It is well worth the money! Thanks to the writers for supplying consumers with such a valuable magazine!

Love It

I love getting the magazine. It arrived quickly the first time and always arrives in good condition.


I really like this magazine...full of great articles, ideas, etc. (I esp. like the "Oprah at Home" magazine). Definitely worth a subscription.

I love Oprah magazine.

Inspiring reading. Certainly whenever we are feeling down, it is motivating to know that others in much worse circumstances did great things with their lives.
How many women have Oprah's business acumen and are intelligent enough to stay out for so long? And, No super-model on the planet, or even the most succesful actress or singer, can look as good as Oprah on the cover.

O Magazine Ad Rich

Like any popular magazine, O has lots of ads in it. Still I am glad I subscribed. I need to bring it to work and enter the code on that contest to see if I won anything. I'd love to meet Oprah someday but I'd be afraid to be on her show. I would like to see some caricatures of her regularly featured in her magazine. I'm a new subscriber, maybe they already had some I never saw. -Beth Hebert, Lake Charles, LA BIGDRAWS DOT COM

Awesome, this magazine inspires my life

I travel a lot from the west coast to the east coast so it is quite a long flight, I bring along my Oprah magazine every trip and enjoy devouring the entire thing. When I get there I give it to my family there to enjoy as well.
When I'm in a rut on certain situations there are always uplifting articles to help me find a positive spin, or even just to accept that life is tough! But along with others support and insight that I am not alone, I realize I'm tougher!

A gift

I bought this magazine for my mom for her birthday and she was thrilled to get a 2 year subscription. I thought this was a great price for a magazine and she loves to watch Oprah. I'm sure she will enjoy her birthday gift for 24 months now.