Reviews For Mens Journal Magazine

Good bathroom mag.

I keep this mag next to the toilet.
It's a good magazine but nothing special.

A little too "yuppy" for the average guy...

But, Men's Journal is acceptable for the guy that dreams of a carefree, debt-free, toned-body existence.

Hey, we all can't be "Joe Millionaire".

I used to really enjoy MJ

Don't get me wrong, occasionally there are issues I still read cover to cover, but it seems as though MJ has gone through a change lately. Gone is the focus of travel and fantastic adventure writing. Now the focus seems to be health, fitness and diet. I used to buy Men's Health magazine for those topics. If I wanted that focus I would continue to buy MH. There is no longer a consistent reason to read MJ on a regular basis anymore. Man, I miss the old MJ!

Rude letters when you do not renew

This unethical company sends you faux debt collection type letters when you opt not to renew your subscription. The content is hit or miss and the retention attempts by their subscription department is just the last nail in the coffin for me with them. I will NOT be subscribing or buying another copy of this magazine. Half of it is ads anyways.

Got it for free. Glad I didn't pay for it.

Magazine is okay. Seems to try to be a cross between Outside and GQ. Doesn't succeed very well. Articles are pretty short, and lots of reviews of high priced items I would never buy. It does have nice photos.

Not in my taste

I'm your average 30 year old whose in to tech, cars, and thought this might be somewhat interesting. I found it absolutely uninteresting. I think they're targeting the 40+ community or the uber-boring uber-office job oriented folks. Consider it the Readers Digest for 40 year olds.

Great Magazine If You Make 100K a year!

This magazine misses on the average Joe. It reviews products that the average person can't afford. I picked up a year subscription for a dollar. Can I get my dollar back? The only use this is for me is to recycle it. I mean the interviews are ok. But come on. This is more like Rich Men's Journal.

Immature Men's Journal

20 years ago it was a good magazine, but it relies on profanity for the majority of articles. I read magazines for the information and I don't need young lads spouting off the "F" word to get their biased opinions across. It isn't my cup of tea anymore.

Waste of time.

This magazine might be good if you were wealthy enough not to have to work, had time to work out four hours a day, had your own chef, could go on vacation six months out of the year, or could afford (or cared) about fashion. Otherwise don't bother. They sometimes have a decent or interesting article but they are so few and far between it is not worth it.

Formerly Great

The pages of Men's Journal used to be an escapist weekend getaway in themselves. They brought you to extreme parts of the globe with a literary style that disappeared after 9/11. Since that time, MJ has concentrated on telling its readers who their heros should be, which might have been fine for one issue. This is a magazine badly in need of a new editor and old ideas.