Reviews For Mens Journal Magazine

Screamin' Deal!

Men's Journal has gotta be one of the best deals in the whole wide world of magazines. For 10 bucks you get wonderful photography, health tips, product reviews of cool stuff you'll covet, smart writing and, of course, regular features by that greatest of American ink-spillers, Jim Harrison. Heck, if they just photo copied the Harrison pieces and sent them to me in a plain white envelope, ten bucks would still be a screaming deal. However, I still dig the fashion spreads, the book notes and the travel writing. There is a consistant sense of adventure, curiosity and life well lived in this magazine, which is why it should earn a spot on your coffee table. Did I mention it's only ten bucks?

Consistently good magazine.

I have been a female reader of Men's Journal for 10 years. The articles are always very good, open and fair, and of excellent journalistic quality. They have product reviews, health questions, sports information, etc. The magazine is well balanced and only has a few 'men only' related articles. It is also very cheap as far as magazines go and this was a gift subscription for someone. Everyone I have ever gifted it to has liked it.

I do not like the idea of an auto-renewal...

Good magazine, but I don't like auto-renewal. I guess I wasn't paying attention, or i wouldn't have bought it with auto-renew...

Still the Best Men's Magazine

I'll have to agree with the other reviewer that Men's Jounal may not be quite as good as it used to be. But it is still the best men's magazine around IMO. Flip through the other men's magazine fodder at the grocery store or your buddy's place, and save your money for a subscription to Men's Journal.

Very good value for the money

Good articles. MJ has lots of ads, but the subscription price is very low, making it good value for the money. Slow subscription start - first issue took 11 weeks to get here.

Men's Journal Magazine

This is one the best mens magazine on the market. Very informative and lots of good articles about different topics.

news you can use

This was purchased as a gift for my husband's 59th birthday, and he is pleased with it. The articles are well written, usually with a breezy, humorous attitude, and there's always something health-related and outdoors-related that he wants to read. I enjoy it, too, and I'm pleased that it is an intelligent magazine without the cheap sexist shots that characterize other "mens" magazines. We can talk about some of the information in it together.

excellent mens magazine

excellent mens magazine,enjoy the articles meant for me
without all thr girly pics insiside,dont get me wrong i love those girly
pics but not in every magazine,
i fully enjoy the magazine.
thank you

Great Read

Mens Journal provides a perfect balance of fitness,health and interviews to make each monthly addition unique and entertaining. This is a very informative monthy read!

Kenneth Haft
Glen Allen

Longtime Reader and Subscriber

I've been reading Men's Journal since the first issue. I've always enjoyed its mix of content. MJ interviews a wide range of interesting individuals. Over the years I've incorporated some of the workout tips from MJ's fitness pages into my workout routine. I especially enjoy reading the product reviews. The travel recommendations are always well written, if not sometimes beyond the budget of most readers (myself included!). Overall, Men's Journal offers a great mix of well written content.