Reviews For Mens Journal Magazine

good source

I really like the interviews, and some sport/health-related articles. Just most the merchandise being offered is waaay above my pay grade. But dreaming does not pay taxes...

Men's Journal

I got this as a free subscription and I gave it to my husband. He enjoyed reading it.

Good addition to the bathroom

I never read the lame cover stories on the celebs, but the rest of the magazine usually holds my interest. It's like a few steps up from Maxim in that it focuses on what guys are interested in, but a little more mature and in-depth in coverage. There's always some little tips or one pagers on cooking, sex, sports... more interesting than what's in the daily newspaper.

Mens Journal Order

great magazine. Wait til the last possible date to order if renewing. This mag starts quickly.

better than most

One of my favorite magazines. Great articles, interesting interviews, and a lot of misc. stuff that is entertaining. The reviews that state it is too liberal, or too much foul language should stick with "Homes and Gardens". Are you getting this magazine for your husband or YOU? Give us guys a break!


The main articles are pretty interesting. I wish the rest of the articles would have more detail though. I like this magazine, it covers many subjects and is fun to read. I think it has more room to grow covering many more guys stuff like home repair and hunting. I look forward to continuing with my subscription.

Balanced journal with good depth of articles

An intellectually stimulating and broadening magazine; with high levels of journalism and great depth of article.

It's What Men Like to Read

Men's Journal is a decent magazine full of varied topics of interest to men. This magazine covers areas like sports, adventure travel, fashion and style, cars and trucks, career issues, etc. This publication directs all of its articles toward men, with an emphasis on what is most appealing to males throughout a typical week in their lives.

One thing about Men's Journal that is a little different from other men's magazines is that it doesn't flaunt women to sell its issues. In fact, there are practically no pictures of women at all in this publication- something that will be considered an asset to some, and a liability to others. This magazine refuses to play the female card and instead focuses its articles on topics that men like to read about.

Men's Journal is often obsessed with lists, and I think this is especially true in the last few years. Take a look at the cover of most issues and you will see a large, boldface advertisement for some sort of list. In one issue, it might be a ranking of the best cities for entry level jobs. In another issue, it might be a listing of the best places for young entrepreneurs. Whatever it might be, Men's Journal seems to have an infatuation with lists, probably because men like lists and it helps increase sales.

This magazine can be counted on to produce some fairly good reading, but I must warn that many of the articles are a little too simplistic, with little emphasis on intellectualism. Even the articles about politics and business are often riddled with obvious statements that most anyone would know. But overall, I still think Men's Journal is a good magazine. It is varied enough that most anyone will find something interesting to read and the price is very low.

Cool gadgets...

I got this year subscription for a dollar, so I figured why not, eh? It's not that great in my opinion. The best part of the magazine to me is the gadgets sections.

men journal review

this magazine is ok. got it thinking that it would be relevant for me. It isnt really. There is some relevant info but its mostly sporty with ads for cologne.