Reviews For Mens Journal Magazine

Not just for men.

I love this magazine and I'm a woman. The articles are well-written and the topics are timely and cover a broad range.

Excellent Purchase-Love the Mag-Came exactly when promised!

This subscription was a gift to my husband, but actually I end up reading it cover to cover. Love the articles, the information and the adventure. And the good news is my husband loves it, too. To top it off, it arrived exactly when promised, so all is well with this subscription!!

The top men's magazine

The best men's maagzine ever published, hands down. Period. And i should know...because I am writer listed on the Internet (Philip Von Borries---RACELINES, AMERICAN GLADIATOR and AMERIDI. Tracer Lee Vaughn is my pen name.) Men's Journal has it all.

Fun resource for active men

This is a great magazine to highlight the fun places to go, things to do and things to own. It is not highbrow with big book excerpts, nor is is lowbrow with a bunch of buxom women all over the magazine.

This is a magazine for active, athletic and adventurous men. There are 1 or 2 interesting articles about travel or adventure in each issue along with a feature article on varying topics from contributing writers. There are always good features on health and fitness tips. Lastly, the magazine highlights sports gear, fashion and gadgets.

It is a fun, light (usually) magazine that I look forward to receiving each month.

*not* Men's Health

If Men's Health - a main competitor of the magazine here under review - strikes you as pandering to the average guy's baser instincts, you'll want to check out Men's Journal.

The tag line to this magazine's name reads 'Adventure Life'. That's a pretty good shot at the content, since it takes your average young rich guy's (or no-longer-young-in-the-mirror rich guy's) desires to live a little on the wild side and decks them out in luxury opportunities to do just that.

The writing is surprisingly good. We're not talking the Atlantic Monthly here, but recent issues have easy-on-the-eyes features on the crisis in Darfur, the late Aussie croc-wrestler Steve Irwin, and the down-in-the-mouth financial situation of our National Parks system.

Like most magazines of the genre, the gloss, paper quality, and color make this an easy read in an airplane seat or an easy chair: Men's Journal is pleasant to the touch, good for some mild distraction, and leaves no bitter aftertaste.

Thoughful, well balanced magazine.

This is a magazine that is has a great balance. It has informative, well written articles ranging from interviews with Lance Armstrong to an actors or just writers excursion to places you might never see or travel to (i.e. Democratic Republic of Congo or Vietnam or Antarctica) but it makes you want to go there. It tells you about adventure spots to go to, the price, and the gear you need. It also deals with environmental issues that make you think about going more green, but then on the next page it is reviewing the newest muscle car. It is just a fun, imaginative mag that I really have enjoyed reading for the last 4 years or so. Worth the buy.

Solid Magazine

Really like this magazine so far. Used to subscribe to Men's Health, but I like this magazine better because it has more useful information, more thought-provoking articles, and less 'fluff' than Men's Health. Plus, it's cheaper, so you can't go wrong there.

not just a MEN'S Journal...tends to be quite liberal

I selected this mag for my husband through a free-subscription-with-purchase offer. I actually snag it before he does when it arrives! It's got a variety of articles about lots of different STUFF (gadgets, travel, food, etc.). I've always been a bit of a trivia junkie, enjoying reading a little bit about a lot of different things, and this mag fits that mold. It has a definite liberal bent politically, which might turn some people off, but that doesn't affect every article.

Great magazine

This is a great magazine. It's definitely geared towards readers vs. the other men's magazines out there that fill the pages with visuals and half naked women. Also, the tone of the magazine doesn't seem to speak to the lowest common denominator and I don't feel like it objectifies women the way, say Maxim does. I'm hooked.

Enjoyable Read

Having read most every men's magazine over the years, Men's Journal has become my favorite. I most enjoy the wide variety of articles. I least enjoy a seeming preoccupation with sports I will never come close to trying (e.g., "Gear up for the upcoming season of back country helicopter skiing"). All in all, though, a good mix of articles on interesting people and places to visit.