Reviews For Martha Stewart Living Magazine

It's a good thing

A fabulously designed magazine that is great to look at as well as inspire. When I have a project comming up (like my wedding/baby/decorating/gardening) Martha's magazines are invaluable. Even if you don't replicate the project exactly, they are usually very adaptable to your specific needs.

Don't wanna be!

I am not a Martha wannabe, but I love this magazine. It is creative and informative. If you enjoy your home, your kitchen and your garden, you will get some neat information and ideas. Everything is presented with class and style; something lacking in most other magazines for women.

Living ....

Wonderful magazine. Great ideas and tips for the kitchen, children, and home. About even with the advertising and articles.

Martha is all that

Who doesn't know Martha Stewart! And yes, she is all that. Excellent advice, tips, how-to's, and more, including some great recipes, and crafts. A magazine well worth owning.

Beautiful Publication

Every month I look forward to purusing Martha Stewart Living. Even if some of the ideas are not practical for the average person, they still inspire one to be open to new ideas, and boosts one's creativity. I recently tried one of her recipes out of the Nov. 2002 issue, and I was surprised at how easy it was, and how I had all of the ingredients in the house. When I served this as part of a meal to dinner guests, this was the one recipe that was requested! I think Martha gets a bad rap from a lot of people due to jealousy over how seemingly talented she is at every single thing she attempts in the domestic area - she is full of ideas, and what more can one expect out of this type of a publication? Another year of Martha Stewart living is on my Christmas list!

Martha is my mom

My fiance and I often think of Martha Steward as our mother. We wish our mom would have known how to make our bed so crisp and clean as well as bake the perfect apple pie. Martha's magazine makes up for all of this. "Living" helps my fiance and I get the most out of life. We can induldge in the best desserts we'd never known of with out "Living".

Her magazine only presents you with the best taste. If people would look harder they would notice it doesn't nessesarily take fortunes to live like Martha. I am 20 years old and have furnised a house with the most decadent antiques with a normal middle class wage. It just takes the eye and taste that "Living" can help all of middle America to realize in themselves, their traditions and the corner antique store.

I only hope that "living" can help everyone have the constant urge that Martha has to learn everything life has to offer.


I'm a culinary historian and author (CALIFORNIA PIONEERS, their stories, culture and cuisine)who spends a lot of time delving into the pages of history, especially food history. When I want to give my burned-out peepers a break, I reach for this magazine.

As much as I love the food articles -- mostly because, as great as they look, realistically they are quite do-able for just about anyone -- what I really find useful is the "Ask Martha" column in which practical answers are given to problems readers write in about.

And then there are the craft projects...I have tried several and was surprised by my success. I credit this to the well laid-out photos and very clear instructions.

My advice is, if you are looking for a magazine that touches on every aspect of living and enjoying a well-designed (and I do not mean "haughty") lifetsyle, then you cannot go wrong with Martha Stewart Living.

Also, the special holiday ideas are the best ever...makes one wonder, how do they keep coming up with such unique ideas that are do-able for the general population?[...]


This is one of those extra thick magazines where you can find great reading, and use as a weapon against an intruder in your home!!! One wallop with one of these babies rolled up, and you're more than likely going to do some damage. OK, as for the contents, it's hard to beat this magazine. Great recipes, outstanding crafts and ideas for special occasions. To say Martha is good at coming up with inventive ideas is putting it lightly. She borders on sheer genious (did I spell that right?). And the photography isn't something to bark at either, especially the ones of the different deserts and other dishes she comes up with. They can literally make your mouth water! Like any magazine, there's the tons of ads, but not to the point to where there's a small percent of reading, and the rest, ads. I love her Halloween and Christmas editions the most. They are filled with great ideas that I (and others in my family) have used. Anyone, single or family, can benefit greatly from this superb magazine.

The best presentation

I love the look of this magazine. -Such high quality. The overwhelming amounts of advertisements can be a bit much though. The photography and style is fantastic. They some how make everything from vases to flowers to all foods look compelling and beautiful.

i want to be a good thing.

Oh, the bad wrap that Martha gets! Just one glance at the perfectly arranged glossy pages of MS Living and I'm sucked in. Each how-to is meticulously arranged with just the right supplies and ingredients. All of the photos show color-coordinated scenes with gently smiling faces. The decorations are perfect, the guests are all charming. I love to thumb through MS Living as I'm chowing down on my take-out dinner on a table littered with old newspapers and slightly overdue bills. Why, yes, Martha, homemade marzipan winter figures ARE a good thing. Someday I will make them. Not this month, but you remind me that it's always a possibility.