Reviews For Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Great all-round homemaking magazine

Inspiring and beautiful magazine that will help you make your house a home. Although some recipes may be too intricate for some, the feature articles are complemented by superb photography and each issue will contain something of interest for all.


I really like this magizine. It has lots of pretty easy ideas in it, and their good things section is fantastic. The decorating articles are informative, and I love the did you know section. A wonderful magizine!

an inspiration for the good life

A single issue of MSL has more good ideas than most hardbound books costing 5 to 10 times the price. I'll admit - I'm a huge martha fan - I have every issue of MSL dating back to 1990 and I read them over and over again. I love to buy magazines, but with most of them, if one article is a keeper, you're doing well. When I'm planning for Christmas - I get out all Martha's December issues and find ideas for decorating, gifts, cooking, parties that are worth using again and again. Same thing for Valentine's Day, Halloween, Summer Parties, etc. Some of her ideas are over the top, but I much prefer that to magazines that are "under" the top -- stuff that is so basic that I could write the articles myself. "Real Simple" really is simple, also dull and uninspiring (although the photography is nice). My other favorite mag is Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion - because of it's emphasis on artists.

i am a sworn marthaholic!!!

i love the magazine...i have old copies of martha stewart's first cookbooks that i bought back when she was definately not a household i guess that makes me a longtime martha stewart fan...what i like most about martha stewart's magazine is the fact that she tells us how to make things that you always wondered about...i am middleclass so i improvise on some of the things that are in the magazine...the advertisements sometimes give me decorating ideas...some of the stuff in this magazine make for good fantasy material...martha is a teacher...

I feel inadequate, but that's a good thing

I admit it--I love this magazine, even though there's no way I'll ever live up to the standards Martha sets. I don't have hours each day to sew, garden, cook or re-organize the pantry (or a staff to do it for me), but that doesn't stop me from getting good ideas from this magazine and implementing them in tiny ways around my small home. And, of course, I've been clipping articles and planning on doing the projects some day in the distant future, when I actually do have the time.

You gotta love Martha

So, I am a closet Martha fan. Living has great ideas from cooking to entertianing, gardening to home decor. Her articles on It's a Good Thing are great ideas, simple and sweet. The photos in this magazine are beautiful as well. It is easy to sit down with it and dream of the days when you had more time.

awaken your inner home-maker with this lovely mag

Martha Stewart Living is well-worth the money, each month a thick glossy edition arrives, chock full of household, garden, cooking, and craft tips. The recipes and projects range from the simple (a quick, crowd-pleasing dessert) to the grand (building an outdoor fireplace or digging a backyard reflecting pond). Even if you don't have the time to follow the recipe or landscape the garden, the illustrations are beautiful and artfully done, and the articles are relevant and engaging.

A Pleasure...

I know Martha often gets a bad rap, and many (most) of the ideas in the magazine are never going to happen for me, I still love to page through each issue. It's so well done, the photography is beautiful and it does, occasionally, inspire me to make a wonderful meal or do something new to one of the rooms in my house. Reading it is always soothing after a long day.

Martha is Wonderful!!

I love this magazine!! My friend and I are both 15 and are subscarbed to this magazine. The recipes are wonderful and Martha's decorating ideas are great. I feel that this magazine is wonderful for everyone!!

Pure Inspiration!

My all-time favorite idea was when Martha took baby pumpkins and made them into floral arrangements. That idea has been a wonderful addition to our Thanksgiving table and is one of the easiest floral projects ever!

The recipes are very unique and the craft ideas...original. Plus, you can get some supplies from Martha's website which is an added bonus.

The articles on gardening always teach
me something I needed to learn.

Of all the magazines I look forward to,
this one is my favorite.

~The Rebecca Review