Reviews For Martha Stewart Living Magazine


I subscribed to "Martha Stewart Living" last year for my mom for her birthday. She has always been an avid Martha fan. She absolutely loved the magazine and hinted that she would like it again this year for her birthday. She shares it with my aunts, and they gather on Saturdays and bake and make things described in the magazine. They all truly love the magazine. I am a Martha fan as well. All my bathroom decor, linens, etc. are Martha Stewart brand. If you have a mother, wife, etc. who enjoys Martha's television program, I highly suggest you subsribe to the magazine as a gift for them. They will truly love it!

Martha Stewart ROCKS!!

I am an unabashed Martha Stewart fan! The biggest reason I love her magazine is the visually stunning photography. And the recipes!!! When my magazine comes I can't wait to start pouring over it to see what delicious concoctions have been presented...and the crafts!!!!!! Super cute crocheted mice, or soft stuffed bunnies made out of a old men's dress shirt... the possibilities are endless.

I completely recommend this mag. :)

Pretty and fun stuff to daydream over

I don't have a lot of time to make lovely crafts or cook delicious foods or decorate or garden in the way that I would like to...but I love daydreaming with this magazine each month! The art direction is very very nice. It makes a great gift, too.

Beautiful magazine

I must say that this is the prettiest magazine I have seen in a good, long time. Martha Stewart and her staff work tirelessly to make each edition something that is a pleasure to thumb through. I have enjoyed two years of this particular publication and have never been disappointed with it! It is great!


I adore Martha Stewart Living Magazine. It offers an escape from the self-inflicted stresses of the real world into the impossibility of a completely balanced life. In response to those who say "it is unreal," I would agree, but isn't that the point? I doubt I will hollow out individual acorns to make lockets for party favors at a harvest dinner party while serving home grown squash, but if i can live vicariously through Martha, do i need to? The photography is goregous, the ideas are clever and even the advertisements are sumptious. Holidays are her forte, and so the dull months of the year create less interesting issues. However, these are nevertheless enjoyable. If you prefer something a little closer to reality, try REAL SIMPLE, but for escapism, LIVING offers a mini-vacation!

Oh, Martha!

Martha, Martha -- what would we do without her? No matter what you say about Martha Stewart and her perfect perfectness, she does come up with the goods. Living covers it all -- holidays, decorating, cooking, crafts, gardening and overall home organization. While some of the assumptions can be, well, absurd for the average person, "just run out to your garden and pick some fresh chervil...", the content is good and does teach the reader a thing or two. Her arts and crafts ideas are fun and over time, have gotten even better. It is unlikely that any of us would (or could!) adopt all that she suggests we do, but taken in bits and pieces, Martha's advice is creative and helpful stuff.

Great Stuff!

Love the recipes, love everything inside. I'm a foodie and this magazine is a monthly food for my soul. :)


Martha Stewart - love or hate her she is the Queen of all "Good Things" - this magazine is an excellent reference for wonderful ideas. Although 1/2 of what is in there is impractical to the average working person because it is too time consuming, this magazine will inspire your domestic creativity.

A magazine full of surprises

Martha Stewart's magazine is full of arts and crafts, recipes, simple how to's and great gardening tips. Have been buying this magazine for years and it can cater to the sophisticated person as well as a mother with a family. Have found many great holiday arts and crafts ideas that I can actually reproduce and I am not an artistic person. Have used many of her recipes and my garden is more beautiful because of this magazine. Do not be put off by her "image", just give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised!!!

The greatest magazine!

This is the most exceptional monthly publication out there. The articles are wonderful, the photos are amazing, and the recipes... Oh I could go on and on. Let's take the most recent issue - October 2010. Here's what I've made so far:

Seared Sea Scallops with Brussels Sprouts and Hazelnut Vinaigrette - AMAZING. The brussels sprouts are just too good to be true!
Broccoli Rabe and Pecorino Romano Pizza on Hazelnut Crust - A little spicy and a lot delicious. Next time I will double the recipe.
Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Meatballs, Spinach and Mushrooms - This one is the winner so far. I mean, spaghetti SQUASH instead of spaghetti? How seasonally-appropriate is that?!
Salad of Roasted Butternut Squash, Cipollini Onions, Baked Apples and Arugula - Super tasty. I used baby spinach instead of arugula and it was delish.

And that's not even half the recipes in this issue! I look forward to this magazine every month and nearly literally devour it as soon as it arrives. I save my back issues, which are so grimy from the time I've spent with them in the kitchen. :)

I cannot recommend this magazine enough for people enjoy the good life of home - crafting, cooking, decorating, etc. It's simply so, so good.

And I resent all the "40-something" tags I see! I am a 30-year-old urban wife and mama-to-be, and it's totally right up my alley!