Reviews For Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Like life, the magazine Living keeps evolving

Living has gone through many changes over the years. Since Martha's departure and subsequent return, the magazine has finally evolved from "look at my perfect life" magazine to a "life enrichment" magazine. Gone are the condesending overtones and elitist mentality - although still not an "everyday persons" magazine. It is better organized and the features are much more concise and well excetuted. The photography is above all other publications in this genre. One thing that really drives me crazy is the "workbook" sections that sometimes split a feature layout with the actual directions or recipes (which appear in the back of the magazine) - there's a lot of flipping back and forth.

Couldn't find the time

I subscribed to Martha Stewart Living for two years, I always loved looking at the pictures and reading some of the articles. Dessert of the month always made my mouth water, and I even tried a few of them with great success! However, many of the tips were not useful to me living in an urban apartment setting. And while I liked many of the craft ideas I, unfortunately, never found the time to do many of them.

four minus stars really...

This is one of the few magazines i still subscribe to but every time it comes up for renewal i have to ask myself if i really want to keep it up and i find that each year i want to less and far...i still want to more than not. This time, who knows? I have pros and cons about it and so fars the pros are out-weighing the cons... I like very much the craft section as i find them to be very do-able. some even simple in a *i shoulda thought of that* sorta way... ditto the holiday decorationg and crafts. I think the holiday crafts and decorating issues are lovely and i can take away things i find myself incorporating. On the other hand, I cant see myself cooking anything she has recipes for... they are over complicated...overworked... I realize that she is going for the pinnacle of everything she does but there is such a beautiful simplicity to her crafts as opposed to a convoluted stuffiness to the recipes. I did try a recipe or two from her show and frankly, they didnt turn out. A criticism i have heard of her recipes before. I dont know if it is from my techniques or her directions but either didnt work.

I really enjoy the last page that she writes. Her memories of her childhood and i wish more of the magazine was like that. Even tho the magaizine isnt written by her, i wish it had that style. A fondness for what it proports instead of a textbook of instruction. I like that it takes the *small* and teaches about it... one type of type of fired porcelin... and eggcup... one type of linen... i like the lessons, i just wish it were written with the same fondness that shows in the last page.

The advertising drives me crazy. Page after page after page... interupting indexes... letters to the editor. ugh. Too too much. I pay for the subscription and sometimes i just feel i am paying again by reading all the ads.

Its a beautiful magazine visually and i enjoy the childrens issue that comes out and is included in the subscripition price. I especially enjoy the holiday issues and her crafts focused issues. I think the recipes are a downfall.

Living It Up

I have been a long time subscriber to MSL. It isn't very practical for me, but I find the features interesting and inspirational. I'm sure Holly Homemaker or hard core Martha fans have (or make) the time to really do the projects and make the recipes. I like reading it for pure entertainment. There are many things to learn since the magazine has monthly gardening, entertainment, cooking and decorating features. It also gives you a different perspective on the same old stuff. For example, a feature on yarn will give you descriptions on the many different types of yarn, how to pick the right type for your project, different knitting stitches, etc.

MSL - Challenge

I recently subscribed to Martha Stewart Living and
have found the articles, recipes, and photgraphy
quite fascinating. There have been many comments
here regarding how out-of-reach the magazine is for
practical every day use, etc.
Consider it a challenge to yourself to say hey
I can do it. Give Martha credit, she knows here
stuff and has the experience to help those who
need and want it.

Good Magazine, Recipes So-so

I've been a subscriber for many years. Martha's magazine is always filled with beautiful images and great-looking recipes. her suggestions for housekeeping, gardening, and decorating are always tasteful and useful. I particularly like her holiday recipe selections.

My main complaint about her magazine are the recipes. The food looks great, but the recipes I've made are fairly on the bland side and overcomplicated. I immediately pass over recipes with ingredients I cannot find in the supermarket or recipes which require 7-10 eggs and endless beating. I have come to the conclusion that I prefer recipes which are spicier than Martha does and desserts which are less frou frou. In fact, I prefer her FOOD magazine for recipes.

4 stars. I'm a lifetime subscriber, but I wish the recipes were a little more to my taste. They seem geared more toward goumand foodies than your average joe.

Beautiful, but not always easy to adapt to my life

I really enjoy this magazine because it is so beautiful. It has a lot of great ideas for sprucing up your home, learning new things, cooking, crafts, etc. Each month it has a feature article that goes in depth on a plant or craft or food item that teaches you something new and gives you a background at understanding it better.

Some of the crafts, however, are very labor intensive and I don't find them very realistic for the average user. Super craftsy people, however, will find this very inspiring.

Despite this, I still enjoy reading it each month.

living magazine

I like "living" because it has tasty recipes that generaly call for ingredients I probably already have, also good down-to-earth articles and ideas. I resubscribed and started receiving the magazine in less than 6 weeks.

I wish....

my life was this organized and pretty! Even though Martha herself get's on my nerves, this magazine has a soothing quality. That is until I start to feel totally overwhelmed at how unorganized and un-crafty I am! The recipes are great and there are some projects I can actually do that don't require sewing. I have noticed repeat recipes over the years, but really, how many ways are there to make steamed clams??

Good overview of food and home

This is a good magazine if you can't decide if you want a magazine on crafts, cooking, gardening, or decorating. It covers all topics. It's a little on the short side but has beautiful pictures of parties and decorating. The crafts always inspire me but, of course, I haven't really done any yet. It's a magazine you will keep and flip through months later for an inspirational decorating or food idea.