Reviews For Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Mediocre magazine at best

I got a subsrciption to this magazine because I thought I would enjoy it and as a newly wed glean some ideas for my home and I couldn't have been more wrong. The recipes are overly complicated and some of the dishes just don't even sound like they would taste good and the same goes for the crafts. Any articles on decorating show drab, boring homes. Overall I was just very disappointed and will not be renewing.

Not for real people

Even though many projects in Martha Stewart Living magazine have nice style, they look better in the magazine than they do when you actually make them yourself! If you want creative, doable, budget-savvy projects designed for real people, try Do It Yourself magazine (made by the editors at Better Homes and Gardens). The instructions are great!!! I started subscribing last year and gave it to several friends as a holiday gift. It's my new favorite!

Very disappointed with this magazine.

I started my subscription to Martha Stewart Living in late 2001.I loved her show on T.V. so thought the magazine would be even better-WRONG.It is full of ads and subscription cards falling out from every page.What little content there is on actual Home & Garden or "Good things" is definitly not enough to justify the price of the subscription.I realize that Martha Stewart the name is a bussiness but the Calander of her personal monthly events,all the articles featuring HER home,HER garden,HER dogs and even her Daughters' home-is not really what I was hoping for when it comes to Martha Stewart the Magazine.The pictures are pretty though I will say that but even still-I will let the subscription run out and just watch her TV show for free.

Over the top

As much as I enjoy watching Martha's tv shows and we even turned one of our small bedrooms into a "craft room", this magazine is just too much for me. Besides being very expensive, she has filled her magazine with flashy ads for expensive things that are not even offered anywhere near where I live and has reduced the quantity of actual crafts and recipes. How many of us have the "vintage green stoneware, embroidered linens and fresh-cut flowers that she uses daily? She does however, do a very good job citing where some of the specialty items she uses may be found. I have subscribed and unsubscribed to her more than once, because I would flip through the pages and find very little useful information. I think she is now so incredibly wealthy and isolated from normal people, that she has lost touch with what REAL people's lives are like. Now, when I REALLY want to read one of these magazines, I just read it at the library and this keeps the magazines from collecting dust at my house.

Martha Stewart Living: Not Worth the Price

Yes, Wesport maven Martha Stewart has a wealth of ideas to share with readers of all ages. Yes, she's a whiz at decorating, designing sheets, patio furniture and cookware. Yes, she can set an elegant dinner party table. She can also put you in the mood for Christmas, the 4th of July and Halloween. And yes, her recipe for lemonade is truly delicious.
But so can a lot of other people: mainly, the staff at Better Homes and Garden and the people responsible for the far superior British design, home and gardening magazines. Next to them, Stewart's magazine idea's seem artifical, dull and hardly worth the bother.
Ms. Stewart also makes the mistake of thinking everyone is a crafts master with a hefty budget to play with. Wrong!
Ok, I know what you're thinking.
But I still love her lemonade.
Back to business.
In its favor, the magazine "Living" has great covers, great ads and is printed on the best stock. But once you check out what the Brits are doing, you'll leave "Martha Stewart's Living" on the magazine shelf to gather dust.

Too Much Advertising

There is way too much advertising. Recipe's are copies of same ones on television and internet. Waste of my time.

Will Not Renew...

I have always enjoyed Martha's ideas, but this magazine is hard to read - it reads very slow. If you enjoy reading 5 full pages about the green pea or the like, then this is the magazine for you. You will find some things that you will think of making (if you have the time), but the impractical things take up most of the magazine. I was disappointed.

You'd never expect tackiness

When the december issue arrived, I flipped open to the Letter from Martha, and after droning on about something or the other, she writes about how she hopes everyone can have their own tradition, by purchasing one of her many Christmas at Kmart lines. TACKY! I had already decided not to renew this mag, because I don't even bother looking at the recipe index anymore, and I feel like the mag has changed their direction towards targeting the older set- with boring, slightly hokey crafts.

Gift Purchase

I purchased this magazine as a gift. I have never reviewed this magazine.